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15 Gifts From and For SlowMoneyFarm

November 22, 2014

How can buying gifts also give gifts? I’m glad you asked!

Gift certificates are popular to give, and we have gift certificates as well. If people don’t buy what we produce then it doesn’t do any good to produce it. This is an easy idea for #BlackFriday or any of the other shopping days and supports the projects here. It’s one that both gives and gets a gift in one #1 action!

Other gifts you can find here:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2.Hand made dreamcatchers. The fur from fryers, the feathers naturally shed, the ‘net’ from strands of twine holding the hay, the twigs forming the center from windbreaks here on the place. From $10-25.

3.Craft shares. Colorful feathers, salted fur hides, sticks and more await to be made into original works of art. Both colored and white furs and feathers available – feathers from chicken, turkey, duck. $150 (certificate form, recipient chooses what they want).

4.e-books. Several ones available from $3-5 with topics including farm/food production, horses, dogs and parenting ideas for teaching kids to be equipped for the real world.

5.For local folks a raised bed garden offers a year of food, homeschool lessons and so much more! Many don’t have room for a garden, or rent and can’t put one in. We have a limited number of 5×10 or 3×10 raised beds that will be available – including use of tools and up to $50 in seeds and plants!

6.Classes and clinics – learn new things! Hands on learning beyond just a book or video.

7.Food packages – fresh or frozen chicken, rabbit or duck. Fresh or dried herbs. Produce. Dried pepper flakes. We have tasty options!

8.Original artwork – photographs of sunsets, rural scenes and more. Choose your topic.

9.Pet, livestock photography. 2015 will see a photo shoot location, if support, for pet and pet owners. Also will travel to farms for horses, livestock shoot for use on websites, promotions or just blogs!

10.Memorial trees are something our family has done for decades. Not all have a place to put a tree and we have an option – sponsoring a tree. For the rest of the year we have a special 2 for 1 – sponsoring two trees, for two people or two for the same memory.

11.Get it quick items – these are usually limited supply things or, sometimes, something we’re trying to see if it works.

12.Sponsor a rare breed project, a garden or a ‘hole ‘ of the megahutch, allowing a gift that keeps on giving. Many folks have all they need, and don’t really want clutter things taking up room – this option allows a living memorial in helping one more rare breed a little further towards not being rare.

13.Name a Doe. On our store page this is a way to support what we do. While all of our rabbits have tattoo identification – it’s how we tell one white rabbit from another! – they also have names. Select this option and name one – we have a dozen growing up that will be needing names soon! They’re personal, and these are animals that are our valued “meat mamas.” Short names can even be tattooed in the ear! (5 letters, 6 for Giant chinchilla crosses).

14.Subscriptions – $25 gets VIP first chance access!

15.Self sufficiency option (must be picked up, spring 2015). This lets the cold and rush of the holidays melt away. Choose from a trio of rabbits, 5 feathered out egg pullets (no crowing roosters!) or one each and a dozen cockerels to finish for your own freezer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhew. Enough shopping? Well if you really want to we’d be honored to receive too? Need some ideas?! Well…thanks for asking!

2.Birds from Ideal or Cackle Hatcheries. Maybe some Harlequin ducklings or Buckeyes or Cornish. Or 25 New Hampshire pullets to re-create the broiler bird of the past. Or 25 Australorp pullets or assorted Seabrights or Silkies.

3.Home Depot or Marvins gift certificates – oh yes there are MANY projects for which materials are needed. Every little bit helps!

4.Seeds! Be it from the Puckerbutt Pepper company (yes that’s real) or Sustainable Seeds or Seed Savers or Johnny‘s there are plenty of seeds on the wish list for 2015!

5.When in doubt, Amazon wish list! We never stop learning! Of course it’s more than books too.

6.Our feed bill can always use contributions at the Walker CountyFarmers CoOp. Or if preferred Jasper Feed is another welcome recipient of our feed dollars! Cash for hay or bedding is welcome, and if anyone wants to come visit a pickup load of straw would be AWESOME from those who know straw isn’t pine needles!

7.Another perpetual “need this” place – Farmtek. From livestock supplies to greenhouse plastic to fodder and hydroponics (the last two an interest if greenhouse space allows it!), there are many things that help us along here.

8.Bass rabbit supply could be a spot for supplies needed, from hay feeders to water and identification systems.

9.Jeffers is good for general livestock things I haven’t found locally, like tags, probiotics and general “farmy” things. (The tags are cage identification, not cow!)

10.Tractor Supply cards are always welcome – week to week supplies from dog food, pest control, buckets and feeders as well as ‘need it now’ animal health supplies often come from here. Our pop up canopy came from there and ridiculed 5×5 starter greenhouse that is small but can start thousands of seedlings came from here.

11.The last few years our favorite magazine subscriptions have, one by one, lapsed. Among them, Countryside, Farm Show, Grit, Mother Earth News. Too long since being acquainted with Small Farmer’s Journal and others.

12.Always welcome double gifts – memberships in American Livestock Breeders Conservancy or other ag and related organizations always welcome.

13.Help someone out. Buy a meal, pay a power bill or make a small difference as you can for someone. Sometimes $20-30 can mean eating for a week or not.

14.Sponsor a child on an angel tree, or an adult in a homeless shelter. Take a veteran out for dinner. It doesn’t take huge, expensive and life altering moments.

15.Our Christmas wish list is pretty simple but will end with this one. Make some memories. Life is short and for many this will be the last one on Earth. Make it count. Don’t say “I wish I had”.

Christmas comes but once per year but it can last year round if we let it, if we make it. Make it special. Help us help others, and finish projects that need done. We’re on a weekend mission to come up with $250 for some chain link fencing, used and a good deal, so hugely appreciate support on Small Business Saturday. There are so many to help and so much to do, and most look the other way.


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