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Sometimes The Answer is No – Ag in the Bible

November 23, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes it’s easy to pray for something and it’s answered, and sometimes the answer is no. Or not yet. Sometimes those things don’t make sense.

Sometimes it’s a reality check. If it wasn’t then it’d be a business transaction. Like a vending machine, put prayer in and pull out granted wish below. It wouldn’t rely on the possibility of learning.

Over the weekend I’ve been trying to figure a way to come up with some quick cash. It’s easy for people to say ask for <whatever> but hard to do. It’s harder when some look down at the request in a negative way. Some fencing material has come up for sale, and needs disposed of. The price is fair – $250 –  but if I use funds for that, it takes away from paying other things that needs paid. Without additional funds, the fencing will go to the scrap yard tomorrow.

I’ve been praying for some time for materials needed to put raised beds, a hoop and fencing around this spot. I thought the chain link was the answer to that, but alas, without the money it’s just not going to be reality. It could be discouraging – it is discouraging. There are critics, there are some watching and doubting intentions. There are ‘friends’ that won’t talk and others who have been a constant support.

But tonight two sirens went out – meaning someone lost a home. Somewhere tonight someone lost a parent, a child, a sibling. In the face of serious losses, a fence is nothing.

And I think of the path. Needing more room and a sunny garden spot – provided! And in a spot that can be done *right now* and at a price and terms that can be done…right now. Answers to prayers?! Done, done, done. So although it seems perfect to get the fence at a good price, for whatever reason, it’s not to be right now. There was a need last weekend that seemed impossible and an unexpected check came that covered it. So, for whatever reason, I have to see that it’s not ‘no’ it’s ‘not yet’ on getting the fencing material.

There’s a powerful thing about prayer, and it often gives us more than we imagined. Sometimes if we pushed for our own way we won’t get His.

Even if it’s just a roll of fence. Sometimes there are lessons in unanswered prayers.

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