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Make It a Themed Christmas

November 28, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough many celebrate Christmas some do so with an extra flare that expresses their personal interests as well. Having a Christmas decorating theme can display not only for the season but for your interests. There are a wide range of companies that cater to this and no matter what your preferences there is probably something to support it.

Finding a personalized theme for your Christmas decorations is not difficult if you honestly look at what can be brought to Christmas themes. Christmas decorations can be found that represent western things with horses, boots or rodeo interests. Here are ten ideas for themes for Christmas decorating.

A color theme is popular with many people. Silver and gold themed decorations can extend to the tree as well as everything from bows to clear lights that sparkle off the ornaments. You can choose from just silver or gold or use both together – with silver tinsel and gold ornaments. These can represent the ‘riches’ given to Jesus as He lay in the manger. Still others may choose green and red or blue for a decorating theme. Outdoor decorations with white lit nativity and clear lights can continue the gold or silver theme or use colored lights to accent.

Southwest decorations are an idea to embrace for those who live in areas that don’t have snow. The variety can be extensive or focused including cactus (both real that is decorated and cactus shaped ornaments), southwest boots, howling coyotes or other common images from the southwest.

Military or patriotic theme decorating is a way of life for many people. For those in the military it may be about a particular branch of the service or even an elite core group within that branch. Others display the red, white and blue every day and Christmas is no different. This might be subtle with blue and white lights and red ball ornaments on up to including ornaments from Marine or a flag depiction. There are also flags and larger decorations to include in decorating.

Western theme decorating can be western horses but also longhorn cattle, cowboys and other images of the west. This can be someone located in the west surrounded with the heritage or someone who is just western at heart.

Pets can be a big interest and themes of dogs or cats may extend to the tree and decorating. There may be general cat decorations or a specific breed of dog. For example, the breeder who raises and shows collies may include collie things in the decorating of the tree. Ornaments are available in many breeds as well as general dog (or cat) ornaments.

Cars are another interest that can be a lifestyle worthy of including in theme decorations for the tree. Classic cars have car shows that may vary in size and some also include classic trucks. Some even have an interest in classic tractors.

Music can be a theme from two standpoints. There is the person who likes a particular genre of music or a particular singer or group that may include an ornament or two on the tree. Perhaps they go to many concerts during the year or just have a big music interest. There are also those who are active in music as a passion – where decorating is not only an interest but a job, much as those whose life/work blends. There are ornaments for instruments also such as guitars.

Farming or farm related things are another popular decorating theme that can be very easily brought to the Christmas season. After all it was shepherds who were notified of the birth and it was the livestock that shared their manger for His first bed! Farming decorations may be a particular type of farming, tractors, a particular type of livestock (cattle, pigs, chickens etc) or all of these combined for a general farm approach.

Cows or pigs are a particular decorating theme for many. There are not only decorations for the common breeds but the less common too. In Garth Brook’s “The Friendly Beasts” song from his Christmas CD it highlights, among others, the donkey, the red and white cow and a sheep with curled horns – all less common livestock in a commercial world.

Employment is another decorating idea especially for those whom a job is more than a job. Police, fire and others may be a theme for decorating with ornaments and other items tailored to the season and the interest.

A theme celebrates Christmas and reflects your life and interests. Christmas isn’t just once per year and interests used to embrace the Christmas message makes it real.

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