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Why Should We Care About Food Security?

December 3, 2014

Have you ever felt like you’re living in a time warp? Food security is something most Americans have not had to concern themselves with. Indeed 15-20 years ago few even wanted to talk about food. Food and farming? Meh – boring. Go to the grocery store and be done with it.

“But wait…did you know that $36 ham is twice the cost of the entire hog the farmer produced?”

“I don’t care…it’s too much money.” The $18 the farmer got (minus sale commission, fuel to haul to sale, etc) cost the farmer more to sell than he “made” for six months raising the hog. *Yawn.*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo now those farmers are gone…many of the farms razed and grains planted. Less involvement. Less work. Someone else raises the pigs we’ll just grow grain to feed them. NOW many consumers think it’s a crisis and evil “industrial agriculture” is pushing the small farms out. Evil ‘factory farms’ and other labels…they eliminate the little farms.

Nope. Consumers did about 15 years ago! The truth hurts. My head knows that doesn’t help but my heart burns with frustration…and still consumers repeat that with other things, and don’t listen. Is it lack of transparency? Or lack of interest? How do we MAKE people listen?

Celebrity shots are short term at best. Movies or entertainment, it seems, needs to inflame not inform. Authors don’t always have experience to back their preferences. We all have preferences, but when presented as fact, it alters much.

Where were people when those hog farmers were begging for support? Where were folks when Seminis seed company was up for sale? Investors! Y’all could have been in the seed business! Why didn’t folks buy it? And with passing on it, why then criticize Monsanto for purchasing another seed company, adding an organic line and more to their stable of investments?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI keep saying it – maybe one day a peon voice will get heard. We have got to get serious about investing in agriculture and food. If folks want small farms, small processors, heirloom, whatever finance it!

It’s not just us folks. If that was it, it’d be awesome. We’ve got things to test, try, gain with an urban market – processors are needed for small farmers to have options to sell meats and other things. Many states people are upset they can’t buy raw milk. It never hurt anyone.

Well, yes, it has. I drank raw milk, and had real ice cream, and miss the real stuff from Brown Swiss cows straight from the bulk tank. But saying no one has been harmed from raw milk is wrong. That’s why it needs to be a full disclosure choice.

And that needs to be clear around the plate. The internet puts capability to learn at your fingertips! You can research a car, a piece of electronics equipment, a cell phone plan…and the food supply. You can talk directly with folks selling produce, unlike that piece of electronics equipment or car which – yes – is produced by a big corporation company. You see, it’s bad only when it’s food.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s why food choices are critical. We can’t feed everyone. Smithfield or Tyson doesn’t have the same ability as we do to sit down and talk with you because they’re dealing with more people. The farmers behind them deal with more volume. That’s needed to provide the excess we’ve come to expect, and resent when it’s not there or costs more than it should.

I’m predicting food riots in the USA in 10 years. I say that not in fear, but as a means to get prepared and not be where the riots are. Think it can’t happen?

New Orleans. Los Angeles. Furgeson. Never underestimate what happens when people in large groups don’t get what they want. The mob mentality is clear online. The threats of burn it down, bomb it, kill this person or that come quickly. If the action follows as quickly, remember this blog.

I won’t be there. I’ll be feeding a few who believe in us now. The rest…it’ll be a long time until it’s grown enough to eat.

I hope the tide turns. I hope consumers seriously begin to care about food. I hope that instead of criticizing farmers for being ‘so far away’ they remember the millions who moved away from their food supply when they look in the mirror.

The power of the people is real. Use it now or lose it. Stop blaming Monsanto, the government. You want change? 100 million people – 1/3 of the country, take the challenge. Be the change. NOW.

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