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A Letter to Santa – and His Friend

December 4, 2014

Santa letters are given up by the time we’re old enough to become jaded. We learn that reindeer don’t really fly, Santa isn’t real and miracles don’t happen. We stop believing. We stop being open to receiving the gifts that once we wouldn’t hesitate to ask. If we don’t ask – if we don’t believe it’s possible then how can it ever happen?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrowing up I became convinced that not only did Santa exist but he was best buddies with Jesus. After all – both saw everything we did, could deliver anything, could be everywhere and had a strong right and wrong in the ‘contract’. I have no doubt in Him – and sometimes Santa still comes through. Miracles do happen. The wonder and magic of Christmas is still there if we put down our jaded, cynical binoculars and believe just a little bit.

So Santa forgive those who can no longer believe the story of Rudolph. With today’s technology you don’t need reindeer anyway as with a good office you can have elves in every state for the toys.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy Christmas list has changed from Breyer horses and animal books, although those are still there and listed on for your convenience. This makes it so much easier for you to pull up and one click order it – let the post office deliver. It’s the harder things that take effort, and that’s why I know Jesus is your best buddy because he sends angels so y’all don’t have to be there in person.

It’s angels who bring a meal and toys to the military family who isn’t sure how they’ll have a Christmas. What they really want is for the injuries on their dad to heal so that he can come home from the hospital and be home next Christmas with them. There are many angels at those military hospitals but it’s not like home.

It’s angels who watch over those still serving around the world for an ungrateful nation because that is what they do – serve. Send your special protections to watch over them and bring them home safely.

It’s angels who watch over the policeman, and fireman and paramedics every night. They are there working alongside them in accidents, house fires and a host of other issues they don’t talk about much because they’re so grateful to go home to their families they can’t.

It’s angels who come to the aid of the “miracle dog” and the beasts that so long ago were witness to His birth and surely saw those bright stars. Maybe even the red blinking of a reindeer’s nose.

It’s angels that deliver the $20 to keep a family’s heat on, and a few bags of groceries for the widowed person who lost their 40 year companion last week…or month or year. It’s angels that bring the homeless dog to someone who knows someone to help. It’s angels that provide a holiday dinner for the person who would otherwise be alone. It’s angels who provide a little bit of comfort in a chaotic world.

In all these things it’s provided because what they really need for Christmas is hope, love and compassion. It’s this that for “no reason” provides a meal for the stranded traveler and a warm room to sleep in. It’s a hug for those who look different from us, but are so alike in other ways.

The need is great, Santa, as there are many this year that what they really want for Christmas is a job, a running car or an improvement in health. Many won’t write to you so they pray. Maybe that’s where you hear about the kids who wouldn’t have a Christmas and the adults for whom that little stocking stuffer is a reminder that someone cares.

I hope you’re listening Santa and confer with Jesus about those prayers. Surely between both of you being everywhere and so many angels here who care there can be a means to reach everyone this year. Bring hope. Love. Compassion. It’s Christmas. The cookies will be waiting.

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