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Stocking Stuffers or Random Gifts for Her on Your Tight Budget

December 13, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou’re on a tight budget this year. Perhaps there’s been a layoff or work has been slow or maybe you’re just a “Wal-Mart Flowers” kind of guy. Or maybe there are several friends on your list you don’t want to leave out. Or maybe there is one special gift you’re giving and you just don’t have much left over for stocking stuffers. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to lead up to that big gift.

Picture this – you’re going through the stockings and she comes to a toothpick. You gave her a toothpick – she’ll question it. “Because I *picked* you” and present with the other gift. Hint guys – this is not the time to have any small box with anything but a ring in it or it’ll backfire on you like…well you probably don’t want to know!

In an informal survey of several women, married and single, when asked about their ultimate stocking stuffer it was ruled out car keys, jewelry and property deeds! The biggest answer that came up was a day at the spa. With that in mind here are some ideas for inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas.

1.If your idea of inexpensive will accommodate a gift certificate to the spa then by all means do so! Many most likely to be reading this don’t have $150-200 for a stocking stuffer but don’t give up! A spa day does not have to mean going somewhere – create one at home! Think scented candles, bath salts, body lotion or bubble bath, luffa sponges or scrubbers, special soaps and chocolate treats. Many of these things you can find for $1 each at the dollar stores, but couple it with the important aspect – time to use it! That means unplug the phone, silence the cell phone, take the kids, lock the front door and pretend she’s gone away. No interruptions.

2. Does she like curling up with a good book and a cup of tea or cocoa? Use a tea ball, some herbal tea or cocoa, a special mug and honey or sugar cubes. Again, inexpensive but putting it all together it is a bigger gift.

3. Think ‘hidden messages’ when considering cheap stocking stuffers for women without appearing cheap. A Snickers candy bar because she makes you laugh. An inexpensive compass because you’d be lost without her. A colorful rock because she’s yours or a pretty shell so she can hide from the world sometimes. A rubber band to remind her you’ll always come back, a keychain (for the key to your heart) or other messages and items tailored just between you two.

4. Scented gifts are inexpensive stocking stuffers. Candles in her favorite scent or incense (complete with a burner) is something many women enjoy. Again – in dollar discount stores these are very inexpensive, allowing several items for under $10.

5. Small jigsaw puzzles with something on it she likes, be it cats or flowers or scenic things make inexpensive stocking stuffers. For the really creative you can make these! Small knickknacks of favorite things can sometimes also be found inexpensively, usually when you’re not looking for them!

635px-Decorated_sugar_cookies6. Homemade treats. Get some little bags, some chocolate and assorted things to dip. Melt the chocolate over low heat. Dip pretzels, mini marshmallows, shortbread cookie sticks and even plastic spoons in the melted chocolate. The chocolate spoons when used to stir coffee or other hot drinks add a touch of chocolate taste. The other things are easy to get and this is a very easy craft both guys and older children can do. Make flavored sugars for tea – a cup or two of ordinary sugar, a little vanilla or cinnamon or peppermint, mix together, cap or bag it tightly and let it mix. These things are easy to make but expensive to buy!

7. Small bags of her favorite candy – if she likes jelly beans or M&Ms or other candy you can get in bulk a bag of this or a few candy bars of a favorite candy can be used for stocking stuffers too.

8. Tickets to a movie she wants to see can also make great stocking stuffers. Or if she’s the kind who prefers to watch from home get a gift certificate from the local rental place – she can choose the movie she wants to see at the time.

The best stocking stuffers for women often aren’t about money – it’s when it’s personalized. These are all low cost ideas that when personalized to her can be as big of a winner as anything under the tree!

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