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Christmas Traditions – Music, Magic, Love

December 14, 2014

Christmas traditions are often long and linger long past childhood. The Christmas memories can last long after realizing that reindeer don’t fly and Santa isn’t dressed in a red suit.

Still there’s memories of Christmas performances when schools were still allowed to play Christmas songs. In grade school this might start with the youngest and each grade had something to play, sing or act. At the end there was an invitation to sing Jingle Bells when the youngest students would look anxiously at the back doors of the school for Santa to come and disperse candy and oranges to close the evening. More than one suspicious farm kid probably took a peek outside for the reindeer.

Our family always had Christmas Eve at home when we opened presents after a Christmas meal of ham or turkey or, as the family grew, perhaps both. Christmas day was reserved for spending at Mom’s where there were gifts that probably took much more of her time and effort than we realized then.

There was usually snow although the amount varied. One year we saw a tv special about the night the animals talked – as the story went on Christmas eve in thanks for their manger as a bed for the King the animals were given the gift of speech for a limited time. I do recall sneaking out to the barn one year and snuggling in the warmth of the hay to see if Ol’ Joe (pony) or the cows spoke but if they did we never heard it. Maybe they were just shy.

One of the traditions was giving the animals just a little extra feed. Be it the cows or horses or the dogs and cats everyone got an extra treat. Sometimes Christmas carols were on tap sometime during the week as a 4-H or other activity in town.

Traditional Christmas songs as well as some newer ones are still a part of the Christmas tradition. Music reaches through the years and celebrates His birth and the meaning of the season. Christmas church service was one way to pay homage to it.

Another tradition, started when receiving one, was a random phone call to wish someone Merry Christmas. This started with someone unknown in Canada who called one Christmas morning by dialing a random number. Today we’re likely to get a fax machine or other inaccessible number but after a few tries it’s the same surprised voice I had to get a random call from a stranger just to say Merry Christmas. With all the political correctness in the world I hadn’t had anyone offended by it – and not a long ranging conversation but a short call. Sometimes an answering machine took a message.

The real tradition of the holidays is family, friends, love and the celebration of His gifts on Christmas and every day. That’s the best Christmas tradition of all.

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