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The Meaning of Christmas – Ag in the Bible

December 21, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe meaning of Christmas is put forth many times when the commercial side of Christmas is brought up. It’s then decried as the commercialism and buying presents spoil the real meaning of Christmas and yet we look for the purchased gift. This leads to thinking that we’ve all missed it. The meaning of Christmas is the story of Christmas – and we’ve already received the best gift. His gift that is reason for the meaning, the joy and hope of the season.

Christmas traditions can mean going home. A family and friends help capture our history, our traditions. The focus however isn’t the wrapped paper gifts under the tree. It’s the smile on someone’s face for a small kindness in passing. It’s telling the Christmas story from the Bible one more time. It’s looking at the years that have passed since then and all those we love. It’s the child born in a manger because there was no room at the inn.

It’s the lessons that we can still forget today. It’s not about money. When you have a bad day think of nearing delivery of a child and it’s a pregnancy with an unusual explanation. You’re riding to a destination, not in a car but on the back of a donkey. There wasn’t even a comfortable bed so, as many do today they found the best thing available which was bedded down in a stable.

There is mystery for some that the shepherds were the first to be notified of His birth. They heard before the kings and powerful people of the day. Could it be that they were awake, they were receptive to the news? Shepherds are, in comparison, past and present a low paying position in a career there isn’t much money.

The shepherds did hear and came to the lowly stable where wise men proclaimed this child was a King. He was the Light of the World. Much as today people scoffed. Perhaps they rejected the news. A King wouldn’t be in such accommodations.

He became a carpenter, and built not just things with wood and nails but words and promises. A kingdom is more than just buildings and things.

Yet when we speak of those in power we say they don’t understand. God delivered His son to the lowest common people among us. People without a great deal of money were the main characters. This is what Christmas means. It’s a gift of forgiveness we don’t deserve. We want our way, not guidance even as children and as adults, in comparison, we’re still children just learn to live by a new set of rules we create.

The meaning of Christmas is giving, sharing, loving. It’s not just one day. Christmas can be – should be – every day. Where does Christmas go? The meaning is every day. It’s in each of us.

That’s the meaning of Christmas. The Christmas story lives.

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