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A Message From God

December 24, 2014

20141004_152713Ohhh don’t talk about THAT! Come on folks – I’ve talked GMOs, BS labels, dogs, community, ups, downs and sideways, potholes of life and speedbumps. I’ve regularly posted Ag in the Bible clips and stories. It’s Christmas. Not happy holidays here – CHRISTmas.

I don’t resent what others believe. It’s like getting the best gift of all time and turning it away – I don’t get it, but not all believe as I do. That’s their choice. So often people say a prayer at a bad time and wonder if it’s heard. It is. It’s not answered like putting coins in a vending machine and a wish pops out. Sometimes the answer is not yet.

Sometimes like children we don’t understand. We don’t see the whole picture, but just one part that our understanding can comprehend. So it’s easy to think He doesn’t answer. It’s easy to wonder why *this* hasn’t happened. And then you get a touch. Or you get to be a touch.

So this year has been a rollercoaster. It’s been encouraging with working with some cool people, and setbacks that are discouraging. A visit from a pastor from Brazil brought a focused prayer, and I don’t know what all was said during that prayer but He knows. Within a short time “the Office” came to be, expanding affordable in the space to work with for another step forward.

It’s all sunshine and rainbows right? *laughs*. Not.

Then came some losses. Some unexplained losses. Some sales. Some births. The confirmation that it was now just Connor and I working on things going forward. And each time I searched for meaning behind the twists and turns and drops. I get tired of asking for support and posting one more time to get something to sell so we can do some project.

I inventoried seeds and am eager to plant, but we need to get the greenhouse hoop up first. Even the little greenhouse needs reinforced, as the plastic and door is lighter duty than needed. Needing supplies before being able to start seeds is frustrating.

As Christmas approached I looked at the overwhelming amount of things to do. I looked at not being able to really do Christmas another year, and although we help others as can this time of year isn’t a possibility to do anything meaningful. Helping others is a cool feeling and this year helping ourselves is a struggle. Things happen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo yesterday dogs again got into the birds. I’m missing two Dominiques, a white hen, a Cornish and another hen. The Dominiques were daily layers – that’s food directly from our fridge. “It’s just chickens” doesn’t wash when looking at a pile of feathers and searching for the bird it should belong to. Finding feathers a block away, a block and a half away. Someone knows. Someone knows their dog is killing but looks the other way. It’ll take six months to raise another Dominique to laying age. There’s a small pen coming on, but not laying consistently yet.

Then comes a knock on the door. A stranger, so I stepped outside before the dogs alert me to what I already know. He asked for me by name, then said “God told me to bring this. From our family to yours Merry Christmas.” A basket of goodies, warm socks, certificates. He said “I have more” – and indeed another basket was brought forth.

I don’t know who served as the deliverer but it doesn’t really get any clearer than that. There is zero misunderstanding. I didn’t sign up for any programs, I didn’t get on Christmas lists as so many need so much more than we. There’s a dry place to sleep, shelter from physical storms, hope for a better tomorrow. There is no name on the card, no indication of where from. Sizes match.

“God told me to bring this. From our family to yours…” I opened the card and saw we’d have Christmas eve dinner (or lunch) at a restaurant and Christmas dinner at home. And a few others for another time. I remember how at the Vineyard sometimes the joy in helping someone else was not in getting recognition but in making a difference. I didn’t want to diminish that joy by asking for details. At the same time, a thank you from the bottom of my heart goes to them, and to those who have helped this rocky year. Sometimes small things aren’t so small.

Sometimes we get to be the one delivering. Sometimes we’re humbled to be the receiver. Sometimes the real meaning of Christmas isn’t the latest electronics or black Friday deals but ten pounds of sugar, some socks and unspoken needs. Sometimes the human side is just the delivery vehicle.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn a night long ago He sent His son to live and die for us. It was unspoken needs. Far more than clothes and far greater gift than disposable, but appreciated, items of today. He sent His son to lead us to a better way. Pick up and follow.

The news wasn’t just to officials but to shepherds, working lowly jobs, unseen.

It’s going to be alright. Maybe not always make sense. But God said “Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” Big picture. It brought sunshine to a rainy, chilly afternoon. Like the Christmas story from years past brought to present day, real life, it’s hard to dispute what you see and touch.

“God told me to bring this…” May we always listen. May we always step out on faith. May we always be willing to make a difference, and be willing to ask and receive sometimes too. Prayers for those in Columbia Mississippi in the wake of a tornado yesterday afternoon. May God send needs, spoken and unspoken, to all of those and comfort.

Merry Christmas friends and readers, near and far.

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