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Goals, Journals and Motivation

December 26, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you have an idea of things you want to accomplish in the next week? Month? Year? If you don’t know how do you know if you get there? How do you know if you’re making progress or going in the wrong direction?

While many people see goals as something done at student graduations and journals as something housewives do to record the things they wish were happening this is selling both methods short. These can be a powerful motivator and navigation system for your career, your business and your life!

Goals: Charting your course.

Goals are your roadmap. You can say “I want to have enough to take a *nice* three week holiday this year” – that is a goal. OK – how do you get there? You need savings. You need work scheduled to get the savings. You may need someone reliable to mind the business while you’re gone. Each of these could be an obstacle – don’t let it be! You have seven days a week just like everyone else – use that time efficiently, and every day work towards your goals. It may be little things.

Perhaps in order to build business you need a more professional image. Order some professional business cards, maybe a few promotional items that present an image that you know what you’re doing and you’re worth paying to do it! If nothing else it makes people think “gosh maybe he can do a better job than can – that would be money well spent for my business.” Their business increases as does yours…thus a ripple effect in which while it helps your situation and your business it also solves a need for others looking to help *their* situation and business.

Break down those goals. Remember that doing 1% per day towards your goal is 100% more in just over three months! Change your thinking – this 1% isn’t very much…and often once we get in that mindset we find 5% isn’t that much. Our goals are met faster, our success comes quicker and people are amazed that it seems so easy. Often in business and in life we make things harder than they are.

So you have your goals – your roadmap. Why do you need a journal? Again, don’t overthink this. A journal can be a notebook that you put entries into. Jot the date – what you did towards your goals that day. Perhaps you ordered something – record the shipping or confirmation number. This way, aside from recording progress you also record things that you might need if a shipment is delayed, missing or items are damaged.

When you can reach for a written record and say without any question on 13th of April I did *this* – it does two things. It gives credibility that you are further on top of your business. Additionally it insures that your are working towards those goals. One goes with the other. Jot down ideas, concepts you heard, anything that can help your business go forward. As you get in the habit of doing this, many find that they become self fulfilling not only in finding success but in motivating because they’re working towards success.

With a roadmap and a record of where you’ve been (the journal) you have a very solid way of looking back, looking forward and driving what you have to do now in order to get to that point 100 days or 6 months from now. Remember to always be updating your goal list. Growth feeds on action…action is nurtured by a plan. Make yours count!

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