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Happy New Year 2015

January 1, 2015
Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

I skipped the year end wrap up this time, as 2014 held some good times and some sad times. We lost Bess, Blue and Shadow. The home place was paid off, ‘the office’ arranged on contract and Belle joined us. Life shifted in many ways and as it’s mostly Connor and I now, it alters what can realistically be done, but I think 2015 is going to be a good year.

We spent the last day of the year doing a mini-stock up of groceries to last a couple of weeks. Materials on hand to begin starting seeds – some next week! – and we’ll be starting okra in low tunnels soon as well. A couple litters of bunnies are in nest boxes growing, one born on Christmas day, one since. More breeding to follow soon.

So what does 2015 hold for goals?



Goslings will arrive at SlowMoneyFarm. In particular, Saddleback goslings that should arrive next month. Some will be dressed out for meat but others will be a foundation flock.

Several dozen types of peppers will be grown this year. We’ll be starting some next week!

Hoop greenhouse – we’re $180 away from construction! It seems so close yet so far away! The hoop greenhouse, with a heater (not included in the cost) could help us expand to year round growing.

It would be really, really awesome to make enough from sales to pay off “the office” in one year. That’s not, really, an unreasonable goal.

Getting a solid carport barn or metal barn up so that next year no freezing waters!

Expanding with some new blood the Giant Chinchillas and American Chinchillas.

Fixing up some tired equipment this year to make it last a little longer. We have cages that need new floors (right now are solid floors).

Adding a two level grow out area that allows 64 square feet of room, free choice hay and plenty of feeder space. This will be my own design in a 4×8′ area.

Raised beds laid out. Dotted white line will be where the hoop greenhouse is put up.

Raised beds laid out. Dotted white line will be where the hoop greenhouse is put up.

Trying portable greenhouse tops in new raised beds, allowing for extended growing times with solar lighting. Also my own design.

Get ‘the office’ fenced – this is a big project. Expensive. Critical.

Like other farmers expressed on Tuesday’s AgChat, we don’t make goals and resolutions just on New Years. We don’t wait to implement until New Years – some we started a couple of months ago! There are things we need to change, and one of those looks like it will need to be a guardian dog addition. With the dog problems here, and not having enough people to watch all, it’s important to have someone on duty at the Office. That will likely mean canine, and the right one at that!


Thanks to all who supported our efforts in 2014 and those who do going forward in 2015. Let’s make it a great year.

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