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Cold Weather Preparations

January 5, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile it’s common in the south to deal with hot weather, winter cold brings challenges too.While it’s not unpleasant now, by Wednesday it will be very cold for the south – with single digits and near zero wind chill predicted. Many things in the south are not build like northern areas.

Water pipes aren’t buried as deeply. Insulation sometimes isn’t as heavy. Here we’re working early on pre-cold preparations. Covering the ‘outdoor’ rabbits with the heavy plastic like the hoop has, with extra shelter put to insulate cages.

It’s been a busy weekend getting ready for these things as well as kicking off 2015. Several varieties of peppers were soaked and started, as well as Moskvich tomato seeds. We’ll have bell peppers to hot-hot peppers – including some great packages for pepper lovers and a special pepper CSA for items that can be sold in the USA.

Our barley peeked out of the ground, finally, in time for the cold. In a small area, it’s covered with a floating plastic row cover to insure it’s warmer than the outside area. Barley is NOT a warm weather crop, so getting it in the ground during cooler weather was important. We planted an organic seed, purple hulless barley, and will be saving seed back to plant some more later. Hopefully, next winter we’ll have considerably more to plant!

Low tunnels were cut from sheet plastic, which will soon be used to start okra for an early crop. A sleeve of plastic was put over the small greenhouse, which has intact netting but the plastic has holes in it – apparently not withstanding the hot Alabama sun.

A smaller four shelf greenhouse sits inside, loaded with seeds. Several fig cuttings sit in some water to root for sale later.

Extra water will be drawn to insure that even in coldest weather there is water for the animals and birds. We have another source of water this year as backup.

Extra bedding will be stocked in pens tomorrow. Encouraging birds to stay under shelter reduces the frostbite that some had last year. The Silkies will be bedded extra heavy, with drop down plastic to break the wind. The windbreaks are invaluable now – protecting them and us from wind and cold. Extra feed helps maintain body heat.

It will pass, this cold spell. It’s uncomfortable for all, but it will be spring soon and warmer weather will follow. New offerings are coming up on the Facebook page – go follow us there if you don’t already, and be sure to check “get notifications” on the drop down menu. Don’t overlook our Credibles page also!

Here’s to staying warm.


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  1. January 6, 2015 9:33 AM

    Will you have plants to sell at the Farm and Fleece day this year. We would love to have you. Margaret This year there is no charge for farmers selling plants and hand made items from their farm.

    • January 7, 2015 12:44 PM

      I definitely will and have already marked on the calendar to attend. Planning for it now – a spring highlight!

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