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Five Years And Counting

January 7, 2015

It’s hard to believe but at the end of this month it marks five years since the blog has been ‘alive.’

There have been some alterations, delays, speed bumps and pot holes. Transparency? Yep, it’s there. While it doesn’t show ALL the gory details, there’s also not much covered up.

Looking back – five years since the creation of this video:

Reorganization has altered some of that early plan…but what’s there is solid. It’s evolved to our own framework. It isn’t everyone’s path, but isn’t on everyone’s budget either.

800px-Muffins_with_honeyFor the rest of the month I’ll be revisiting some topics, updating some information and sharing some new things with readers. Hope that you’ll stay tuned, tell a friend, invite someone.

For those interested, now taking CSA signups for 2015 – $375 for six months of delivery. Also go check out the Facebook page for sponsor box specials – we have a goal! Everyone who shares the link there to the box special, or buys a box ($50) gets entered in a drawing. When we reach our goal of 60 boxes, we will draw for one lucky person to get a 2015 CSA share and there will be some other surprises in four other drawings too. There are options (different items) for shipping!

What will happen over the next five years? Hmmm…you’ll have to stay tuned! Taking part is pretty awesome too!

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