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Keeping the Faith

January 13, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery person reading this, every person out there, has times it’s easy to doubt. It’s easy to say “keep the faith”. Keep trying. Tomorrow’s another day. This too shall pass. It’s harder to focus

It’s easy to say ask for help when needed. It’s easy to say everyone has down times. All of those things are true. Asking for help isn’t difficult until it’s met with silence. Or criticism. Throughout the journey there’s been up times, and down times and everything in between. There’s fewer down times than good times.

At the same time, we’re in a motivated sprint to get ready for bigger things this year. It’s already moving, with seeds started and growing. Young rabbits are being separated this week for sale, for finishing out if they don’t sell and for additional breeding stock that will be kept  to begin breeding this summer.

The pinch is real. To do so when it’s tough to keep the bills paid, and some things there isn’t enough to pay anything. It’s scrambling on ice and when thinking it’s finally the shore – nope, more ice and it’s still cracking!

Jalapeno pepper seedlings.

Jalapeno pepper seedlings.

So seedlings are growing. In a few weeks or a month they’ll need something bigger. The push to get beds up, the hoop greenhouse solid and other things up is real. One step at a time can too easily be a treadmill instead of progress! It pays to know the foundation!

Without funds for some of that, it’s time for plan B – salvage materials to get by until funds allow for better. It’s been this way from the beginning, and is why people are shocked at what’s happened so far.

It’s where making the best use of the $20 or $50 or $100 matters, and sometimes that’s a toss up. When utilities are paid it might be $100 left and some must go for groceries! The amounts vary on larger operations, the income varies as well.

But this is our story, and it continues. It continues although $180 seems like an insurmountable amount, and $3500 is suffocating. Despite this, with full operations, that could easily be a week’s sales. It starts with seedlings, a crockpot and defying the odds.

I hear it…a crockpot?

Yes – a crockpot. You see, the hoop needed didn’t come through and cold was on the way. Some other supplies weren’t available either. With most bills covered, feed bought, groceries up there was $40 left. The supplies needed were more than that, so concessions had to be made. I had enough for plastic for low tunnels (needed to start outside things) and a mini-mini greenhouse, one with just four shelves that could be easier heated. Peppers need heat and light, and the home is not kept at 70 degrees needed for heat. Plus cold was coming in.

So – think! The shelves were constructed in the kitchen, with the plastic around it. Heat lamp was available, but the fear was the area was too small and the heat lamp would melt the plastic. A crockpot produced heat, and in a small area retained heat. So this gave a boost to the peppers, now growing!

IMG_20140922_131214There is a way to get things done if no isn’t an option. It might take longer, it might look funny, it might bring criticism. If you want something badly enough you find a way. Otherwise you find excuses.

I’ve said this about people affording the CSA shares. I’ve lived it, and we may be eating a lot of peppers this year. I’ll be processing pepper flakes, sauces and BBQ sauces. Doubters get out of the way.

In my senior yearbook, long lost in a fire, my ag teacher wrote “Success is for those whose desire is greater than their fear.” It’s been an inspiration. And, in that, quitting isn’t an option.

Or, as my dad often said…Lead, follow or get out of the way. The lessons are many, but quitting isn’t one. It’s said the Hoadleys are stubborn.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing!

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  1. January 14, 2015 9:42 AM

    Thank you for this post! From one farmer to another, it is so important to keep the faith. Pray to God daily! Stay inspired and stay motivated! We are all so lucky to be in an industry where amazing things happen. But, of course bad things happen, too but it keeps accountable to pray and keep our faith. For example, in November, we had a bacterial outbreak in our pregnant does. We had 10 abortions in 2 weeks! 😦 But, we prayed about it, found a treatment for it, and were able to save all of the remaining pregnancies and have some adorable goat kids to show for it. Like I said, this industry is so amazing and God helps us through it every day.

    ~ Mindy @

    • January 14, 2015 9:48 AM

      Absolutely! Sometimes in finding solutions we find solutions for others too. We can’t always control what happens but can control how we respond to it. Thanks for stopping by & commenting.

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