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Romantic Songs At Any Time

January 14, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife is more than work. Music can connect or divide people, and there’s a long list of popular songs that have been perennial favorites when it comes to Valentines day or romantic dedications. There’s always new songs coming out that add to the list and here’s a few that can fit a special occasion that aren’t yet repeated often.

1. “One Thing” from Jeff Bates. Who wouldn’t like to hear that the one thing someone is here for is to love them? This is a song sure to win hearts and fans not just on Valentines day but long after. Also ideal for a wedding song. This entire cd is good too!

2. “I Will” from Jimmy Wayne is from his “Do You Believe Me Now” cd. Solid on the serious ballads as well as the upbeat, this song can be a good choice also.

3. “Roll With Me” has been a #1 single for Montgomery Gentry from their current cd and while perhaps not generating the warm fuzzies not all couples are at the warm fuzzy stage.

4. “All The Crap I Do” from Mark Wills’ “Familiar Stranger” cd is one for the established couples. This is one for the partner that sticks with you no matter what and despite imperfections.

5. So have you messed up big time? You’re looking for a way to apologize? You are a couple with a sense of humor even in the bad times? Buddy Jewell has a song to consider then on his “Country Enough” cd called “No Grease No Gravy” that will forever change the view of breakfast!

6. Darryl Worley’s “Tequila On Ice” may be a good selection for the person who finally found the one they thought they’d never find.

7. “She’s Everything” from Brad Paisley’s “Time Well Wasted” can be another way of expressing that she’s the one person for you.

For many reasons country music and the entertainers there put out songs people relate to…and professing love in all the imperfection is no different!

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