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5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

February 1, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany baby showers bring the commonly thought gifts of baby blankets, diapers and other items that are definitely useful, but what do you get to stand apart? Some useful and unique baby shower gifts come with varying costs.

1. Give a certificate for private CPR class for the parents and family. The Red Cross or local hospitals or emergency response units can help. In the case of babies sometimes time is critical – a class empowers parents, eliminates some of the helplessness if something does go wrong and can save the child’s life. What better gift is there than the ability to do that?

2. Fire prevention set – we think about it but put it off and hope we won’t need it. Smoke detectors save lives – and a gift of a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector can be an excellent way to show you care. Also include a charged ABC fire extinguisher. This can catch a small fire before it gets out of hand, saving both lives and property. Although most people don’t think of a baby shower as a place to give (or get) these items, the addition of a child warrants it even if there are detectors in other parts of the home and especially if there are not! Include good batteries so it can be installed immediately.

3. A Time Capsule. While no one has yet invented a time machine, this is an excellent way to document the year. It can be an individual gift or something that everyone attending adds to with advice or comments, as well as anything to capture the present year. Think newspapers or magazines, popular videos, videotape of family and friends of the parents and the ordinary things – pets, home and so forth. This can be priceless if there’s a loss in the family and it’s all the child has to remember that person by.

4. Still other baby shower gift ideas can include documentation of another kind. Baby books can document much but a gift journal that can be filled out over time can be something that gives a personal written history of their life. Things we don’t often think to record – how grandparents met and what their lives were like, parents first car, what songs they listened to growing up, favorite books or movies. These are the ‘ordinary’ things we don’t think to record but 20-30-50 years later are precious family history! What better time to start than at a baby shower?!

5. Consider a digital camera with extra disk put together with a couple of montage frames – for new parents it allows a chance to take many photos of the baby without having to print them all as in film cameras. As technology advances it’s a chance to get good photos at home. Although many have cameras or cell phones with cameras, for many even an $80 camera is out of the budget – but offers priceless memories captured.

Don’t overlook the things that can record and capture the life as well as save it. Children grow so fast and there is no time like a baby shower to begin keeping memories!

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