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What If Making a Difference Became Online Action?

February 2, 2015

The 2015 Super Bowl is in the history books, the Patriots beat the Seahawks in a last 20 second play and the next day pretty much everyone gets up and goes on about living.

The commercials were loved and criticized and of course Budweiser’s Clydesdales helping their lost puppy buddy was a favorite. Another one I thought was pretty awesome seemed overlooked. It came with a challenge hashtag to #MakeItHappy – what a thought!

How about if we all gave rise to this? Let the negativity go – for a short month make a difference for someone every day? It seems so easy to see and look at and embrace the negative and yet that’s not what we really want. For those who haven’t seen it, missed it or didn’t watch the Super Bowl or ads – take a peek.

Make it happen. #MakeItHappy – Thanks Coca-Cola for a cool visual and for inspiring a February and beyond challenge. We’re all on the computer – who’s with me to make it a more positive place? The negative will still be there.


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