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Did You Know…SlowMoneyFarm 2015

February 9, 2015
Sunset over SlowMoneyFarm 'the Office'.

Sunset over SlowMoneyFarm ‘the Office’.

We’re ever changing and yet staying the same – traditional but with an eye to technology where it makes sense. Yet we’re also about options. Food options. Farm options. Some things seem to change from day to day at times! So for a few minutes today – did you know…!

1…Did you know that we have a small CSA in 2015? It’s limited to 20 people, and space is restricted by that. Yes, for those in Walker and Winston county Alabama who are interested in fresh food – we have six months of varied produce, herbs, eggs and…well it just depends what grows! Goodies are welcome, right? This is weekly or twice per month delivery to Jasper, Double Springs, Haleyville, Carbon Hill or here in Nauvoo. Often it’s harvested same day – so 5-7 pounds of fresh from the garden produce and eggs or that 30 pack of beer (which costs more!). Who says organic is expensive?! $375 for six months of varied produce!

2…Did you know that we have a shipped CSA option? Yes…yes we do! There will be different things in it – dehydrated pepper flakes, hot sauces or BBQ sauce, dried options that are safe to ship in the USA – and you’ll know exactly where it came from and how it was grown and processed. This is very small scale, cottage produced. Limited options of 20, for the same $375 six month but a shipped option. Oh yes…!  If you live in Everett, Washington, San Diego, California or Ocean City, Maryland – coast to coast and border to border if you get mail you can get SlowMoneyFarm goodies.

3…Did you know we now have a meat option? Same $375, same six months – roughly 10-11 pounds per month of rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, turkey. There is a limit of 20 on these also due to room available. Might be some pork available by arrangement. Be sure and designate meat option!

4…Did you know we have VIP subscriptions at just $25? This does not obligate you to purchase anything, but puts you on the list for items after the CSA shares are filled. What VIP folks don’t take is sold other ways. AND you get a monthly pdf format newsletter.

The Bianca pepper is a very mild sweet pepper.

The Bianca pepper is a very mild sweet pepper.

5…Did you know that in 2015 we’ll have a spicy CSA share with hot or not so hot sauces, BBQ and pepper flakes? Six monthly drops or boxes for $175.

6…Did you know we set up the six month to help customers out on pricing per unit and help us out with less year round marketing. With people signing up now, we can focus on growing, processing and delivering great food direct to customers. With just two of us here this is a big help, as we know up front who and what our market is, and the rest of the millions of folks out there make other choices.

7…Did you know SlowMoneyFarm is woman owned and operated? It makes it difficult sometimes in what is perceived as a man’s world, but agriculture women are increasing!

8….Did you know that with our shares and direct purchase you get heirlooms for our regular price? Many of the vegetables and animals used can trace back 100 years or more! Wow! We eat antiques!

9…Did you know that at SlowMoneyFarm you can taste what food used to taste like? Literally, with using “old time” breeds of poultry, it creates a demand and makes it possible to keep them. They may look different but they taste different too! Some might have more texture or flavor than modern super tender, or perhaps have a rainbow of color on the plate beyond what you’re used to. Different is good!

10…Did you know that the birds and rabbits are processed right here in the same spot they are raised? This eliminates shipping live animals long distances as they are processed in the same area. We follow processing seen in Adam Danforth’s books on Butchering. Marketing direct to the consumer helps!

11…Did you know we have peppers in the superhot strains as well as mild sweet peppers? Some fresh peppers will be included in our CSA shares, and the shipped option will get some also, but we also have a SpicyCSA option for the pepper lover. The last couple of years hot peppers are an increasing interest for some – we’ll have not only jalapenos but serrano, brainstrain, ghost and other peppers, including scorpions. If you love hot peppers check out the spicy or shipped CSA and make a note!

Bella Sr, Scotty and Queenie

Bella Sr, Scotty and Queenie

12…Did you know the farm projects help provide for four dogs that had no other option? Queenie, Chase and Scotty were out of options at the shelter when they came to live here, and Bella Jr. was in need of a home so she didn’t go to the shelter. All provide alarm duties here at SlowMoneyFarm, but also the all important job of holding down a favorite cushion or chair!

Now, maybe, you know a few more things about SlowMoneyFarm and what we’re doing this year! We appreciate those who help us spread the word. Share with someone you know who might be interested in what we’re doing as we’re a little fish in a very big ocean! Thanks for reading another blog installment and sharing what we do!


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