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Ag Day, USA Ag History

March 19, 2015

ilfarmAs National Ag day draws to a close, it’s easy to think right now is all there is. A friend on Facebook posted a link with a photo, and in following that I found air photos from 1937 to 1947 time frame of the area I grew up. Before the farm with other farms in the area that are long gone. Some sprung up and are now gone. Others just ceased to be.

Just above center is a square that is dark trees. That timber is still there. Just to the left of it is a bare patch of land, at the time this was taken. Many old farms are no longer there, some remain, some newer ones were started.

Agriculture evolves. What we do evolves. It doesn’t stay constant. That keeps it interesting, challenging and frustrating. It allows everyone who farms on any level to make their choices based on what part of the market we want to sell to.

There was a lot more open area then. There’s more trees now, and a changing landscape.

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