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What You Think Vs What You Know

March 24, 2015

Have you ever bought something that you thought was a pretty good deal only to find out that – darn it – it really wasn’t that good of a deal? Or you thought you were choosing something based on what it sounded like, only to find out the reality was different?

Perhaps it was free range and learning that birds just needed access to the outdoors (even if they didn’t use it). Perhaps it was organic and learning that there are chemicals, pesticides and other things used. Perhaps it was learning something new about food that changed what “everyone knows”.

Recently I saw someone criticize large chicken operations, with cage free systems, as they were still in barns and shouldn’t be. One person said chickens didn’t need protected from the elements – hers were outside all the time.

I asked if they should be forced to be outside in blizzards, rain, storms, heat – and she responded that hers are out in rain. They do fine. Can get under a shelter if they want but normally are outside. In Florida. Reality check folks – not everywhere has the weather of FLORIDA. She responded that if it was that cold they shouldn’t have chickens.

These feathered ladies don't mind cold for a short while. Should they have no option but outside?

These feathered ladies don’t mind cold for a short while. Should they have no option but outside?

So most of the country shouldn’t have chickens because they can’t be in cold weather and can’t be protected from it. Keep in mind here in Alabama there is, indeed, storms and freezing weather. Weather that my chickens enjoy having a place to get in out of the weather. So everywhere north of us is pretty much out – most of the country!

Many folks with similar views are weighing in publicly and politically. Could there come a day when there are no eggs and chickens in a good portion of the US? Never say never. California did and is making it very difficult to conduct agriculture. Oregon is doing the same. Not everyone wants to farm – or can farm. Someone has to feed those folks, and their families.

Maybe it’s a place like ours. Maybe it’s Tyson or another large chicken operation.

Should everyone be forced to grow their own food? Cities have existed for many years – disband them because you MUST grow all your own food in order to do away with industrial agriculture. Sounds extreme doesn’t it?

How about choose and finance what you want. Choose what you really want, and fully understand what is behind that choice.

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