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Different Times Current Losses

March 30, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI received word this morning of the loss of someone I’ve known my entire life. The news this morning was a shock…must be a mistake. Sadly it’s no mistake.

Growing up in a rural neighborhood it was truly a different time. Summer nights, weekend card games for the adults while we played tag, chased fireflies, and had an extended family to torment and run with. We knew when at the other houses their parents could and would discipline us as well as at home.

In Illinois at SunnyBank Farm, that meant the neighbors. From too young to remember anything else it was the Moore household – them at our house or us at theirs. Brenda and I often visited from across the road of adjoining properties, honestly saying we never left the farm. Horseback ventures we’d switch horses. As time passed cars and cruising the Kewanee four lanes was a weekend pasttime for those with the luxury of a car and 70some cent gasoline.

Brenda’s older brothers, Terry and David, had (we thought) an unfair advantage at tag, being older and faster. Younger siblings thought the same of us! Life wasn’t fair – but we learned to adapt. With younger siblings in both families, there were some in diapers. We were allowed to get dirty, run barefoot, eat junk food, drink from the hose (or stock tank…ok maybe “allowed” is a stretch there) and sometimes got scraped or bruised or injured.

Across the timber the Wittmeyer family was another family well familiar with shared time at houses as well as, up the road, the Heise family. And we’ve stayed in touch, or reunited, over decades. It’s a big extended family that may or may not talk for years, but the common bonds remain.

Time marches on, as Tracy Lawrence sings, but it’s a different thing knowing the good, the bad, the unpleasant and the acceptance of those not related but may as well be. And it changes when someone is no longer there.

The news this morning that Terry passed away at 57 has taken a while to sink in. It doesn’t seem real somehow. Thoughts and prayers appreciated for the Moore family.

~ In Memory – Terry Moore ~

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