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SlowMoneyFarm A to Z – Chickens, Christians, Community, Crowdsourcing

April 16, 2015

For those who think that agriculture and C would be cows, cotton or corn, well it can certainly be that. My friend Janice has an awesome blog about cotton, and Brian Scott has corn in front of many. I do grow some corn, have worked with cows, love my cotton shirts and jeans…but we’re, well, different. I could have easily put chinchilla, with two of the chinchilla breeds here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChickens are an often overlooked but common enough to be forgotten food. Be it eggs for breakfast or fried chicken for dinner, chickens can be a contradiction. They’re raised by those wanting a few eggs, and by those raising tens of thousands of birds for eggs and meat. White chickens are commonly in the news, but with our beautiful rainbow of colors, some folks truly don’t know chickens come in other colors. Further, not all white birds are the same. We have white Leghorns, the queen of the laying world, as well as white rocks. We have Delawares, that are mostly white. Barred birds and partridge are other variations of the Plymouth Rock breed. Buff, red, silkie feathers and black also live here. We love rainbows, and chickens are the start of variety!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChristian is more than something written about in the Ag in the Bible posts – it’s something personal. Many don’t believe and that is their choice, and not meant as offensive to write about it here. When there is hope in the words, when someone does something amazing to help it’s not something to just cast off in the closet and dust off when I want something again. Christian is every day, and I’m not perfect. In no way do I meet perfect – that’s why I’m Christian! I don’t have to be perfect – I’m forgiven with grace. I don’t post to convert others, but to share what I see and have learned. If someone wants more details, happy to connect but it’s not about “you must believe the same way.”

Community can take many forms. It’s neighbors and those we’re near. It’s those we went to school with, those we work with, those we know professionally and those we deal with at local businesses. Community can be found in, literally, Community Supported Agriculture – CSA that we’re working hard on. We have several sponsorships that provide food to those in 430px-Homeless_-_American_Flagour community who can’t afford it though our Hand Up much as Grandma Hoadley used to do by offering a plate of food to those who needed a meal, and in the Depression there wasn’t a lot to share. These things help others, but help us too as we can’t afford to do it for nothing. By insuring our costs our covered, we’re covered and those who need a hand up get food.

Crowdsourcing is an important way we can reach others with what we do and teach what we do. Crowdsourcing is a chance for those who like what we do to participate from where they are in our programs. It’s working with those we know to do small projects, and work on bigger ones, without having a bank loan, for which we don’t qualify for. Yesterday I was driving to meet someone to deliver a rabbit. As I drove I thought about friends with larger farms, some that needed millions of dollars to cover expenses each year. In comparison, I sold a $40 rabbit to buy feed and put some fuel in the car. Years back, when working at a hostel, it wasn’t uncommon for travelers to be on a tight budget. When many pitched in $2-3-4 we combined the money, went to the store and bought spaghetti, sauce, salad fixings and dessert then as a group cooked the meal. It was more than a meal – it became an experience. It became a memory. Most of us today, when times are good, really don’t miss $5, $10, $20. Crowdsourcing makes use of that $5, $10, $20, or in some cases more, to accomplish more than that $5 provides, much like the meal. With a dozen people, it makes possible the impossible, financially. It reaches people beyond ourselves. How can you help? Who do you know who can help us? Those $10 and $20 sales are huge for us – it’s not millions but makes a memory, just like those pasta dinners of long ago. Who do you know?

Yes, our ‘c’ words are a little different. They reach beyond me, because that is needed for what we do. Community. Crowdsourcing. Christian. Connected. Thanks for connecting!

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