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SlowMoneyFarm A to Z – Dogs, Debt, Delaware, Decisions

April 17, 2015

What a dilemma…D words! What words associated with SlowMoneyFarm can be found? Many come to mind, but narrowing to four has a couple obvious and a couple not so obvious.

Diva is easily cold in the winter time, and extra warmth is appreciated.

Diva is easily cold in the winter time, and extra warmth is appreciated.

Dogs are a big part – from Diva’s Domain to Missy’s humorous poses to the ordinary day in and day out tasks, the dogs follow and are a part of life here. Growing up in a rural area, there were always dogs around, usually dogs that chose us, rather than dogs we chose. There were a few deliberately brought home – a beagle, a lab pup and a border collie come to mind, as well as a few Irish Setters and Australian Shepherds over the years. But more often than not, it was dogs that were dumped and wandered up needing a meal. Today’s pack is a mix of the same – some wandered up, some taken in, a couple deliberately acquired. All have a place and, for a couple that place is holding down a cushion, but for others it’s helping outside, being a visible warning that there are safer places to take things. They’ll help catch loose animals sometimes, and sometimes just sit and be a buddy. There’s been dogs around the farm since I was old enough to know what dogs were, and as long as I’m able there will be dogs around.

Debt is something we try to avoid here. Not always possible, but avoiding debt is a big reason we crowdsource, barter and pay cash – we might have a down month but don’t lose something because of it. That doesn’t mean we don’t have obligations and current bills – both are a weight that is suffocating, even though lower than many carry. Having a bank loan would bury us. Add a fickle market to a fickle financial ability to move forward sometimes and getting those ends together is a challenge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADelaware refers to the chicken, not the state. The Delaware is a white feathered bird with a little black feathering on the tail and neck. They are an heirloom breed, and so successful at crossbreeding it was nearly their demise. Years ago the Delaware was crossed on New Hampshire hens for broiler production. They have also been known as “Indian Rivers” and were replaced by the rise of Cornish crosses in the broiler world. The Delaware is a good sized bird, and lay brown eggs. Hardy and calm, if not independent, the Delaware is a good choice for many situations. They are considered threatened by the American Livestock Breeders Conservancy – fewer than 1,000 in 7 or fewer breeding flocks.

Decisions are many. Seemingly endless. What do we plant in this area? Which rabbits do we breed now, and to which bucks? Which ones are ready for weaning, which will be kept and where do we put them? When do we need feed? Bedding? Does cages or waterers need cleaned? Is seed ready for planting? When can we plant next and what do we need to get this week? What will we have for sale and will it be live or dressed? The decisions are endless! Making it through one more month, one more year and sometimes one more day is a challenge sometimes. Wrong decisions cost lives. Beyond here, consumer decisions what they’re going to buy can have a huge effect on what we grow to have available.

Join us again next week for continuing the A to Z. What will E bring? F? Can you guess? There’s a couple other posts coming up for the weekend, but we’ll be back to the alphabet for SlowMoneyFarm references next week!

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