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SlowMoneyFarm A to Z – Eggs, Earth, Edible Credits, Ebooks

April 20, 2015

Sometimes it takes being creative to get everything paid and the “E” words are excellent examples of this (that was not even intentional!).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEggs – white, brown or colored; chicken or duck we have eggs. It’s not only for eating but hatching, and sometimes beyond the ordinary. Our chickens are not necessarily ordinary to look at with the rainbow of colors, but it’s a big importance to keep eggs coming for ourselves and our customers. Some of the eggs go to folks through the Hand Up program we do – thanks to sponsors who help us be able to afford to make these available at no charge. Because our birds vary from Leghorns to Plymouth Rocks and Delawares to Americauna the eggs vary too. Our eggs are collected by hand at least three times per day – no automated cages here!

Earth Day is every day here. Many have used that slogan, but we strive to use and integrate everything. The manure goes into raised beds or compost, which grows food for people, which can also generate weeds and waste, which goes to the animals to start over again. Egg shells are crushed and go back to the chickens, or around plants in raised beds. Kitchen waste is composted and reused. Bedding that isn’t too dirty goes from rabbits to chickens to compost. Hay that isn’t safe for rabbits to eat, as well as weeds and grass, goes into the chicken pen – they pick what they want and compost the rest! When we dress out a rabbit we strive to use the whole animal – fur, feet, organs as well as the meat.

An experiment that has worked well - within limitations!

An experiment that has worked well – within limitations!

Edible credits is a new thing we’re trying that fits with our slow money views. Credibles gets you free SlowMoneyFarm food and helps us with cash flow. With projects pending like finishing pens, raised beds, new test projects to help others who don’t have a great deal of room, we’re working on not only providing food but providing solutions. While we do a lot with not very much, fencing costs. Storage barrels cost. Shelters cost.

Ebooks are another way we can share what we know, and help others empower themselves. From a variety of dog and horse stories to 150 Things to do Before Graduation and the first one, “Getting By: Lessons from a Rural Past” – check on our Facebook page to get yours.

It’s never dull – an excellent point for staying tuned to learning what is going on this week. From edible to beyond edible there’s something for almost everyone.

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