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Quiet Evenings

April 27, 2015

Four years ago tonight it was dark. Scary dark. Quiet. Four years ago today ordinary people became ordinary heroes, and not so ordinary heroes. Four years ago today a barrage of tornadoes hit Alabama that changed the very landscape.

I grew up in the country – so dark isn’t new. Dark where you step off the porch and can’t see the step brings a new level of perspective.

Four years ago tonight was the basis of What Stands in a Storm. Four years ago tonight lives were lost, and lives were forever changed. The following morning the phone started ringing. The days after were just surviving. So many had so much less that our losses weren’t worth mentioning. It changes the perspective of disasters and the heartbreaking images from Napal.

Take a few minutes to view our heroes and nightmare.

Watching this live was incredible. So much going on that day. There had already been several tornadoes by this transmission, taken an hour east of us on Highway 278.

Just west of us – along I22 – too many going to get details on each.

We lost power shortly after this. Life goes on. We still get nervous in storms. This is a rare day, as James Spann said. It’s still a powerful day.

Don’t live in fear.


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