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It’s Only the Wind

May 7, 2015

Shade on a hot day

It’s been a busy couple weeks! Today Connor went to help a friend for a couple days. While he’s gone his friend came over to help me water and collect eggs. The eggs were given to a family through the Hand Up program we do. This is community. It might be imperfect, but it’s community.

This afternoon I was down at the office – taking a break, overlooking the young birds. Chilly, the rabbit revived from the December cold spell, nibbled in the shade nearby. Diva dozed next to me and I closed my eyes for a few minutes, enjoying the silence.

I heard something…movement. I opened by eyes and the long grass was swirling on the other side of the birds. I noticed the trees, other grass was not blowing. Just there. It flipped a plastic sheet that was on the birds over. Then it stopped and I saw movement to my left. A dust devil caught leaves, dust, grass and was swirling it down the street.

It’s only the wind. Reminds me of the Billy Dean song.

Life has held changes the last six months or so. Much different than a year ago.

The wind we don’t see. We feel it. Hear it. See what it moves. Sense it even with eyes closed. But the actual wind, for all the damage it can do, we don’t see unless something is caught in it. The grass stilled as the wind moved on, much as life stills after the wind blows change.

I looked at Diva resting peacefully, not stirred at the ‘threat’ of the wind. She doesn’t have the experience of negative effects of wind, be it literal or figurative. She stood guard over her charges today for a while, allowing me to do other chores and take a short break.

The goslings arrived today – one ‘fader’ died soon after arrival. Faders are a non technical term I use to describe birds or animals that for whatever reason just don’t thrive. They have the same care and feed and water as the others, but don’t react like the healthier flock mates. Hopefully the rest of these will thrive. Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have a second portapen made and they can be transitioned outside too. It may seem like nothing’s happening when the blog is quiet but that’s when much is happening.


two month old goslings

I watch the goslings, picking bits of grass and tender leaves they like the most. They don’t want everything that’s available. I think of how that relates to what we’re trying to do in providing food choices for a certain type of customer. I think of someone who plays some awesome music, but doesn’t get on country radio like the current popular stuff does. It’s discouraging.

I think of a hero I never met, Ron Payne, and those missing him today, marking 11 years since he gave his life in service to others. I think of the two teenagers killed yesterday, a 15 year old driver and 17 year old passenger that hit a semi head on. Neither had seat belts on, but a little car vs big truck likely wouldn’t make a difference. Families torn with loss.

We don’t see it sometimes, the changes that threaten or comfort. Sometimes we just have to deal with what’s left. Sometimes it’s not only the wind.

Sometimes it’s what’s left when the wind passes.

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