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Misunderstandings, Apologies, Forgiveness

May 8, 2015

New Zealand baby bunnies

It was an interesting morning here – working on routine chores and doing Connor’s chores as well as mine…and finding again the incredible asset of a good dog. Even when I mess up.

They day started routine enough – filling water containers, checking animals, feeding animals. Then I lost my keys. Searching for them, I found a baby rabbit escaped from the cage. Diva saw it the same time I did and bounded forth to rescue ‘her baby’. I hear baby bunny screams and saw it disappear – in her mouth.

“DIVA! NO!!!!” She looked confused, ran under the hutch and dropped it. Baby was flat on it’s side, legs straight out. Surely injured and I’d have to put it down. I turned on Diva, who has NEVER hurt anything. “NO Diva! NO!!!” She looked at me, looked behind me, looked at me. I turned and…the baby was GONE. Yes in the time it took to read that. I looked at her. “Diva FIND IT! Baby!” she pointed towards a plastic tarp overhang and sure enough – a very WET but unhurt baby, who was returned to the mama and siblings and wired shut where the door popped open just enough to let her out.



The squeals was fear – understandable fear from a prey animal. Diva carefully did not bite down…only enough pressure to carry the bunny. That absolutely cannot be taught. A little too much is deadly. She could have easily killed the bunny – but carefully did not.

With a human we make such a mistake we apologize and explain what we thought perhaps, however wrong it might be. Diva didn’t understand explanations – but liked the extra goodies!

And immediately it was over. Forgiven, if in human terms. She bounded to the truck to ‘go to work’.

May we all take her lead. Word came tonight of the passing of Myron Millman, a friend from the rabbit world. The last time we spoke he was looking forward to some upcoming changes, retirement and tinkering with projects he hadn’t been able to do. His sudden departure from this world means there is no second chance. There is no do-overs or chance to make things right.

May we forgive easily. Tomorrow might be too late.

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  1. May 18, 2015 6:24 AM

    Hectic morning. beutiful story.

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