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Catching Up With SlowMoneyFarm

May 20, 2015

Apologies to regular readers for the slack time in posting. There are only so many hours in a day, and unfortunately sometimes blog posts don’t make it into the day. I’m trying to remedy this with some warm weather porch blogging – the middle of the day when it gets warm and slower tasks take time.

Porch view overlooking critters on a nice day.

Porch view overlooking critters on a nice day.

The last few weeks have been full with starting more seeds, mowing, building pens, routine chores (that aren’t always routine) and a host of other chores.

Pullets are on grass during the day in a mobile pen that Connor and his friend Charles made (with a little guidance in problem avoidance). Two more need to be made soon! That’s going to take some 2×4’s for lack of scaring up some scrap lumber, so before that a couple rabbits need to go to new homes…ah the farm juggle begins anew!

Have a filter on the truck that needs replaced – had the money set aside when a neighbor’s child had seizures, and they needed a ride home from the hospital. Water bill is pressing from helping the same family – but we’re blessed to be able to help. Like everyone, sometimes it’s stressful getting everything covered.

The two more mobile pens are needed for goslings and rabbits. The replacement batch of goslings have been eating, drinking and growing for two weeks…and are ready to start learning about the outdoor world with grass. Some cut grass put in their pen was enjoyed, so the clover and mown grasses are going to be a good thing! At the same time, protecting them is good, and right now the pullets need a pen too.

Annabelle - one of two Boer X Kiko cross goats. They're eating grass and weeds!

Annabelle – one of two Boer X Kiko cross goats. They’re eating grass and weeds!

In a barter exchange, two young Boer X Kiko goats joined the place. Annabelle is blonde and white, while Chuck, renamed Cabrito, is red. He is pretty small for his age, but they’d been wormed. Despite chowing down to the all you can eat grass buffet (after insuring they both had CDT vaccinations), he especially appeared thin. As a young wether (he’s been neutered), he should be gaining weight. He’s been treated with wormer, but just made a change. He’s being treated for five days for coccidia, and hopefully that will give him a slick coat and maximize growth. Annabelle doesn’t look as rough, but she’ll get treated too. Both had gotten good care, but coccidia is a problem for young, growing animals.

Yesterday after a bout of rain, four young pullets looked a little rough also. Feathers puffed up, thin, looking tired. They are separated to a ‘hospital pen’ to be treated, fed some extra feed and in a week or so reunited with their buddies. By separating them, and seeing signs before they get sick, a small amount of medication gets them right, rather than more or possibly losing them when they look *sick*. Most may look at them and see nothing wrong, so could think they’re being treated for no reason. In comparison to their normal, and to their flockmates, they tire quicker. They scratch a little then stand hunched over and feathers don’t look as slick as they should, indicating they aren’t grooming themselves as normal. Like the goats, this is easily fixed with a few days of TLC and some Corid to treat coccidia.

Corid is not dispensed randomly or without thought. At just over $90 for a gallon, it’s not something that is given constantly, but when an animal or birds needs it, they need it. A dose is under $1 – if an animal isn’t worth a dollar it won’t be here!

Diva enjoying a nap in the shade.

Diva enjoying a nap in the shade.

Fleas started moving in on the dogs – and they were sprayed for comfort also. There are many good flea control products on the market – I’ve tried several with sometimes limited success. I saw a bottle of Absorbine Ultrashield – a black bottle of spray commonly used on horses for flies. It’s also labeled for dogs for fleas and ticks, and is my choice for horses. I bought a bottle for fleas and within a day Diva and Missy had almost stopped itching. Belle’s coat looks plucked from itching, but after being sprayed she’s not itching. They HATE being sprayed…but it works. And it works fast and well.

Peppers are growing, herbs are growing, a few tomatoes beginning to flower while others are growing, and corn is getting taller. The days are getting hotter, with mid to high 80s common now. Because the mobile pens need supervised, during the day is ‘office’ time, and reading time of late. Now, with portable access I can type while those thoughts are flying during the day and post in the evening when I get back to internet access.

Unfortunately, some sad news in finding SMF Dio dead in his cage today. Dio was one of two brothers taken to the Indy ARBA convention, and was 4th in his class, just ahead of his brother, Bargain. He had gone to Michigan after convention, but came home to Alabama some time later. He was a character, and had his own view of the world. They were bred here and when he came home I vowed he’d never have another home. A rose bush marks his spot near Gandolf white, who unfortunately fell to an accident, leaving one gosling from the first batch.

The randomness is real sometimes. Being ready for anything is real and trying to change some things is real. Thanks for catching up on some of the randomness!

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