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Graduation 2015

May 22, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s graduation night in Carbon Hill tonight, and like many others across the nation, neighbors step from high school students to graduates. Many will look at their peers and remark it’s the last time…or everything will change. So for Anslee, Ashlee and the many other new graduates, you’re right. Some thoughts as I pondered graduation night 1979 to today.

Right now things have changed forever. You no longer have to go to school. You can choose to go to college, and choose a course curriculum of your interest, or you can choose a trade school or you can choose no school. Life has a different set of responsibilities and expectations of young adults vs students, and y’all have taken a big step into that world with graduation. It’s a good thing, but a different thing!

Looking back on that night in 1979 it was freeing, and weighty at the same time. Maybe we wouldn’t see each other again. In some cases that was right. Some moved away (including me!), one died after I saw him at college orientation, one took his own life a decade ago. Some have gone on to successful careers.

Many had children and are now grandparents. It was hard that night to imagine ourselves past 30, let alone past 40! 🙂  The call to explore the world was strong and didn’t always lead in the directions planned! Sometimes that was a good thing, other times not so much, but all provided experiences that led to the evolving person we become. As much as I love my family the call to explore that world that was out there was strong. Looking back now, I wish there were some moments to replay. Don’t miss these.

Take some time to spend with your parents. They won’t always be there and even when imperfect they did the best they could, most of the time, to provide as much as they could. Never pass a chance to have lunch with Mom or catch up with dad, because there will come a time that one more time will be impossible and so very missed.

Spread your wings and fly but never stop learning. Learn something every day, and from every person you pass. Everyone has a story to share, and many are deeper than outward appearance. Those people you think are old still have hopes and dreams! It might change but doesn’t end – or shouldn’t end!

Make your lives extraordinary.

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