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Dumped Dogs and Faithful Examples

June 3, 2015


Some awesome dogs were given up by others in an age people drove to the farm country and left their dog to fend for itself. Surely a farmer will take him/her in.

Until the dog chases livestock and ends up dead. Or until the dog dies too young because the owner that vowed to love them didn‘t.

Recently I was waiting in the parking lot of a grocery store while someone ran in for a few items. A black dog ran up behind a little red car that was getting ready to drive off. The car stopped at the stop sign, the dog stopped. The car drove onto the highway as the dog tried to catch up, running as hard as it could and seeing the car get further away. The dog ran the other side of a fast food restaurant, out of sight, still trying to catch the car that it clearly recognized.

Red was one that a neighbor took in enough to keep her fed and cared for, and moved in with us when he moved out. She’s not a purebred, doesn’t hung for anything but a food bowl but is a good dog.

What draws someone to take in a pet, then take them to a strange area, boot them out and drive away? The black dog wasn’t giving up, desperately trying to run faster. It was a sad site, and although I hope it was accidental I’m not sure it was. By the time the person I was waiting for returned dog and car were gone.

There are so many alternatives today. Don’t dump dogs. To me, given the loyalty and faithful companionship of dogs, dumping a dog is far worse than chaining them up. Dogs will be content being with you sometimes, but better if all the time. But many aren’t meant to give up on their owner, and that’s what dumping forces them to do.

I recently read “Big Paws Bigger Heart” (recommended for dog lovers!) and imperfect dogs can get good homes. Giving up on the one creature that won’t give up on you is unthinkable.


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