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Duggars, Jenners, Hoadleys – Does It Really Matter?

June 5, 2015
Goslings getting outside time now!

Goslings getting outside time now!

I’ve been busy offline for a bit, so haven’t seen the deluge of information on the scandals, apparently, involving the Duggar family (shall I admit also that I’ve never watched the show?) or Jenner’s personal decision(s). Headlines that draw attention.

What does their choices and actions matter, in real life, to affect your life? If not for fame no one would know about it, nor care. That’s why it’s awesome to be a Hoadley. It doesn’t have the same bankroll, true. It doesn’t involve millions of people hanging on whatever I say, or don’t say, and evaluating decisions that many face on a regular basis and don’t flood Facebook streams or involve trending topics.

No one cares that we introduced a family to grilled pizza this week. Or the first tomatoes are visible, or the first of 2015 jalapenos are coming off the plant. Does it matter? To most it doesn’t. Guess what – I don’t have to be concerned with sleep aids or self medicating to get through the day, or night. Yes there are down times. Most never see it.

To most of America it doesn’t also matter personally what the Duggars do, or other celebrities. Does it alter your route to work? Does it change how you act with your kids? What you had for dinner? How you treat your neighbor?

Do you know your neighbors? It doesn’t matter what the Duggars do because what is happening here in front of us is a bigger priority. It matters to get the manure hauled, raised beds topped, seedlings transplanted, more things done.

Bloody Butcher corn, heirloom, growing. Over knee high by 4th of *June*.

Bloody Butcher corn, heirloom, growing. Over knee high by 4th of *June*.

I don’t have time to be concerned with what those with fame and money do when trying to cover the load here. How many have taken time to contact a neighbor, or former neighbor, or old friend or classmate? How many have sat out by a campfire watching the lightning bugs and stars? How many have had a conversation – real conversation – with a friend this week?

How many can see the stars? How many don’t have someone to call or sit with and talk? Could it be that lacking those real life things leaves room to fill it with people you don’t know, and gives them the power to take precious time from your life to be concerned? Millions of megabytes of space was taken discussing them this week.

How about those things that really touch your life?

What if we found out we had limited time left – would you spend it with celebrities and sales on things that you won’t have with you after you die? Would you spend it with family and friends, or send that note of appreciation, or spend some time outside in awe of the speck that we are in the world?

Guess what folks – we have limited time left. Don’t waste it. Don’t squander it. Don’t use it commenting on the Duggars or whatever other trending topic society says we should be concerned about. Let’s use the summer to make our communities better and make a difference for others. There’s no replay when it’s game over.

Limited time. Tick tock. Don’t waste it.


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