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When The Wind Damages

July 6, 2015

Many have noticed the sudden disappearance of posts on social media and, due to access, this blog. On June 8, a sudden but brief storm rearranged SlowMoneyFarm.

mobileWe had to immediately get past shock to survival. Rebuilding has begun but it will be a long, long time coming. Trees were down, and crushed the mobile into the living room and kitchen. Our story, in more detail, is in a GoFundMe page. We were very, very lucky.


The open hole was cut away to rescue the birds inside that pen. All survived.

It buried one pen, destroyed several others and turned birds loose with the tree’s roots creating massive holes in the landscape. Photos taken in the wake of the storm seem like a dream, only it’s real. It’s too real.

We are ok. We had lost some animals in the heat, and stress, following, but we’re ok. Physically.


It is a massive job ahead to get the trees dealt with. Rabbits under still hanging branches were moved immediately. Dogs that were outside were, obviously, moved immediately. We’re thankful for neighbors who brought meals that first few days, and the neighbor who took off work to rush home and get the chainsaw to help clear enough to find Taffy and Bella, feared lost in the wreckage. Both, it turned out, were safe, although Bella’s mangled crate (see tomorrow’s post for more photos), makes it a miracle. 11244710_983923098308096_6668934022801681669_n

Getting birds caught, moved to housing, making pens, salvaging bits and pieces and keeping them fed and watered has made for full days. We had no power or phone until just recently, and our phone number has changed due to service issues.

There has been good things, and a renewed view of community. It’s been interesting – when there were moments to think – who got in touch and those we haven’t (still) heard from. There isn’t time to deal with stressing about it and enough stress to go around!

But…due to buying “the Office” last year, we have a roof and a nearby base that has allowed being able to get things out, keep everyone as comfortable as possible. Our lives have changed, for sure. The world, in some ways, stopped. No news about pop culture or the outside world.

It was a recovery bubble. In some ways it still is. Rabbits are out in new, but (to me) less than ideal housing that is dry and able to be accessed to care for them, but not what they’re used to. They, too, adapt. The chickens have all been moved, Muscovy ducks and others caught and confined.

We found the living room, found some personal items, recovered books and photos and other odd momentos that don’t mean anything to others but do to me. We’ve pulled out enough kindling to grill for the rest of the summer. We’re working on firewood for the winter. Getting so much done with so little funds is a huge stress, thus the page at the suggestion of a lady in our community.

The Office has been pressed from storage to recovery center and place to sleep. It’s imperfect, but a blessing. There’s not enough time to post much, but I wanted to take a few minutes from the library to make another installment here.

We’re rebuilding and will be trying to post more often. I’ve upgraded to a smartphone, so have phone and some service, but that’s a learning curve and right now there is so much to do it’s hard to spend time learning.

More storms lurk and although this week will be in the 90s, winter isn’t far away when there’s so much to do. A frame for a barn is $3,600 and that’ll take another miracle. There’s no time to waste, so we’d appreciate any help, dear readers, from posting and crossposting to oh so appreciated $5 or 10.

Apologies for the disruption and posting and generating this seemingly frantic post! It will get better. Soon. I hope.






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  1. September 12, 2015 4:29 PM

    Reblogged this on Slow Money Food and commented:

    It’s been three months now and a renewed appreciation of things we take for granted. Electric. Refrigerator and freezers. We just got an oven and stove hooked up today. ..improving over a hot plate which was more convenient than a wood fired grill! From a food standpoint it has shaped what you may see some of here. For those catching up, here’s an earlier in the summer post from the farm blog. Thanks for bearing with us through a challenging time. Don’t forget about us!

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