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I Earned This Hair

July 14, 2016

As life ticks on and there is more days behind than ahead I’m reminded age comes to us all. I’m in no way ready for a retirement home but life’s realities have come increasingly clear.


This is no more visible than grey hair. Silver…frosted…classic. Old. I looked at renewing color from a box. Threatened a purple wig.

Then realized like the laugh lines and scars those grey hairs have been hard earned. It comes from half broke horses who forgot whoa, cows who became running trainers complete with motivation and close calls of a wide variety.  It comes from teenagers and losing friends and burying good dogs and horses who knew more than most people but never told anyone.

tmp_28001-FB_IMG_1460997606803-881081104It comes from life. A life not experienced by so many who never had a chance to celebrate their 25th birthday.  Or 20th. They will be forever young in our memories.

Why cover up history?  Long days, sheep and cattle who had lessons of their own,  mistakes and misery as well as good times.

Seeing most US states has been interesting.  Experiencing backstage at the Grand Old Opry with Mark Wills, a variety of events and experiences and driving through this beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful country.

Not all experiences are good but many are memorable. Fire, flood, homeless, storms rage. Many didn’t survive those hardships.

So for those who scoff the grey hair…every one is earned.

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  1. October 3, 2017 12:47 AM

    Our profound regard for the land and its gather is the inheritance of ages of farmers who put sustenance on our tables, safeguarded our scene, and enlivened us with an effective hard-working attitude.

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