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When Technology Fails

February 6, 2018

Technology is a good thing in many ways. It allows the automatic turning on of lights, communication with people around the world from us, automation of tasks humans don’t want to do and so much more. Until it fails.

Then something as simple as getting into the email account becomes a problem, and that is a problem with trying to get into other accounts. Then the techno snowball increases.

What if your food depends on that? Many years ago the Jetsons had the automated meals ready at the helm…but glitches like burned food, wrong meals never happened. It’s television after all. The only reality glitches of life were on the Waltons or Partridge family where it’s portrayed, too often, not as real life but inept. Imperfect. And aren’t we all imperfect?


As it applies to things here at SlowMoneyFarm, many say we’re not reliant on technology. In some ways that’s true but in others it couldn’t be further from the truth! You wouldn’t be reading this if not for technology. I wouldn’t have an online store, or ability to turn a knob and have a hot stove if not for technology. Being able to have a timer to turn lights on a regular basis over started plants forgives a forgetful or too busy person! I could do more with a Bobcat piece of equipment in a day than in a week of working by hand…but alas it costs to rent it!


That said, the sun, the rain, the soil makes things grow…which can be as basic or technology advanced as one chooses. It’s a reminder of patience…even when technology doesn’t provide instant gratification we think we deserve. There are disasters we have no control over, and there’s things we can handle, even if uncomfortable. I’ve had both.


Food security is a real thing and much time and contemplation is given to balancing food production with maximizing food production. Even here. As it approaches farmer’s market season keep in mind there’s still CSA shares available for a short time. Basic with a balance of technology used and straight from the garden.


We all need to find the technology balance. Where is it for you?

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