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USA Thankful

May 24, 2020

There are many critics of the USA. There are those who have benefited from America’s people and opportunities and are incredibly thankful for being an adopted American.

I am thankful for being born here. No it’s not a perfect place. There are many cases where it seems an unfair deal is presented. Yet it is a place that people have, and will, die for. It is a place where despite paying that price, it can be not seen as important to say the pledge, to sing the anthem or put the flag on the veteran’s grave we honor this weekend. It’s not a sale or a BBQ but a tribute to those like Troy. It’s to remember those in the family who willingly signed up to go do things they couldn’t speak of when they came home.


LCpl Troy Nealey

I am thankful to live in a country we have the reasonable chance of working hard and getting rewarded for it. I am thankful to not be targeted for death for being a woman. I am thankful for when I see a bag of garbage along the road we can think it’s a bag of garbage not an explosive devise to kill us. There are risks everywhere but opportunity too. We aren’t required to practice a certain religion or confined to a certain job whether we like it or not. We can start homeless or new to the country and make a life.


Family pictorial of veterans and a couple others.

I am thankful for America and those who served to keep her free. I am thankful for much.

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