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What is Your Story?

July 9, 2020

Most people really don’t care about other people’s story. Some might be moved by a celebrity or an entertainer but the ordinary person in their community – often not. So we often don’t talk about our stories.

As many know, five years ago last month a storm wiped out the trailer we were living in. There was a backup in the current home but at the time it was a shell. No electric. No water. Hole in the roof and floor below rotted out, needing replaced. A large hole in the kitchen wall.

With animals and a teenager so not just me. The teenager had a mentor teaching him electricity work and Bill became a friend. In time and a few hours at a time work got done. A couple hundred dollars at a time seemed endless…and if you have ever looked  at electrical boxes, wires, connectors of all kinds you can remember how endless.

Connor and Bill rewired the home to be safe from an electrical standpoint, replacing what was dangerously not done right. We set up a water catchment system to catch water in large tanks. This was used for cleaning and with treatment cooking or drinking over a camp fire. Spartan but it worked.

Over time in five years the wall in the kitchen was repaired, floor in the kitchen repaired and back hall floor replaced. The roof was redone and patched. Floors redone in five rooms, a pantry put in, new well house built, insulation put in, heat put in, summer cooling improved using fans and windows…so, so many things needed done just to be functional. A dreaded but necessary rent to own was done on a stove and refrigerator, now paid off and still functional. Walls were painted and so much has been done although it has been painstakingly slow with life issues to do also. Among them along the way Bill passed away, Dad passed away…many friends passed away. Vehicle issues and so many challenges.

Stories…many! Judgements from others…many! Blessings….many! Friends…many came forth to help in many ways. Many I know people won’t believe but I know what happened.

One was the day Connor was studying…I was working on some paperwork and plans, but at 10 a.m. mulling over also what I was going to do for lunch. Money was short…at the time a way to cook much wasn’t available with no stove or oven. A truck pulled up outside and I don’t know the man in it. But I went out for a little chit chat and he suddenly said he had something for me if I would accept it and opened the truck door…a meal with chicken, sides and drinks from Jack’s in Carbon Hill. At the time we didn’t have  a phone, I’d spoken to no one…and yet the answer to a prayer.

Stories. One day at a time. One project at a time. One goal at a time.

Five years. When it seems nothing is happening…sometimes something is happening. What will you do today to make tomorrow better? Take the steps. It adds up!

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