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Application & Policy

SlowMoneyFarm Foodshare
As you’re considering options on this think about holidays as well as regular eating. Holiday turkeys and ham we’re thinking of in the spring! Perhaps you’ve seen exotic meats on internet websites at $30-40 per pound and up. Perhaps you are seeking a change in purchasing for health reasons, or you want to insure your meat was raised humanely.
This is an application of sorts to guide you in deciding what you would like to consider in your food choices. Please check and date, if applicable, when you would like your meats delivered. We will have some vegetables also, and herbs. Looking down the road further we will have fruits and nuts, Christmas trees and more.
Keep in mind it will be probably 6 months at the earliest for pigs, and later for beef. We can change many things but cannot rush nature! The heritage pigs will be a longer term return. If you choose a raised bed garden be sure to note if that’s on our property or yours.

Note – those with line through it are in progress but not yet available.
Do you have any food allergies? If so what are they?
Are you interested in (circle)  heritage      Organic     heirloom       exotic/specialty
common sense food (standard as available breeds/crosses, breed not important)
slow food Ark of the Taste selections         omnivore            vegetarian         mostly meats      vegan              chef packages/restaurant
Food Package only –     comfort food            summer grill              raw pet food
whisker special                carnivore freezer filler    other (list)________________________

Are you military?    Active duty           retired             family

Pork                 standard             Tamworth             Hereford
Lamb               standard              Tunis               Katahdin                Texel
Chicken          standard             heavy breeds/roasters          game hens          light fryers         heritage          Plymouth Rock           Buckeye       Dominique            Rhode Island Red         Wyandotte            Delaware            Australorp        Americauna        Cornish p/c
Duck               standard              Cayuga           Ancona              Welsh Harlequin
Goose            standard              Cotton Patch            Pilgrim           Pomeranian
Turkey           standard           heritage               Bourbon Red           Black       Royal Palm       Narragansett                      Midget White
Rabbit            standard             Giant Chinchilla             Silver Fox       roaster        fryer
Goat               standard              Boer/Kiko crossbred            Dairy/cross
Beef                standard            milking shorthorn            milking Devon             Longhorn (lean)      Brown Swiss            Charolais                  Holstein/dairy
Premium –           Silkie chicken              Muscovy duck            Guinea fowl             Berkshire pork      longhorn beef     Belgian cross beef

Dry Aged Beef            Heritage Holiday goose
Heritage holiday turkey       grazed rabbit             outdoor broilers            Muscovy eggs                Squab       Pigeon        veal (outdoor raised)              cow hide (western decor)
Restaurant Share (choose details above also)         Rabbit                  pork            duck             goose           turkey                      eggs (duck or chicken)
Eggs                          standard              white shell             brown shell               colored          duck

chicken feet           organ meats
Other farm products of interest:
Rosemary                       Peppers                      Tomatoes             Other ______

Raised Bed Garden               popcorn                         sweet corn

Indian corn           squash

fertilizer (rabbit manure)       garden compost

fruits (future)                              nuts (future)                mint                              basil                                  potpourri          honey            luffa gourds                 garlic                          ornamental gourds
edible flowers           dried flowers             fresh flowers               rabbit furs
custom shipping (out of the area/delivery – done at cost)

Angora (felting)         Angora (spinning)                     wool              mohair
pine wreathes (holiday)           grave blankets                Christmas trees (later)
firewood                        waterfowl feathers (crafts)

chicken feathers (crafts)      colored feathers     turkey feathers
pine nuts                            worms (composting/fishing)

Hay (small bales, limit 10)
straw (decorating, limit 10)             catfish                       homemade milk soap   chopped hay (for small pets)     homemade scented soaps

bones for dogs (beef, lamb)

Clinics/retreat           Christian                    homestead                        women’s          writers
At Your Home Package:
Raised Bed Garden            ducks           laying hens      meat chickens

trio meat rabbits       housing for rabbits            housing for ducks

housing for chickens

Phone number
email address (not sold or distributed – for farm contact only )
Please be aware that our premises will have video surveillance and that by attending any events at the farm you may or may not be recorded. This camera surveillance is necessary for the safety and health of our herd/flocks. There will likely be still photos taken at farm events as well, which may or may not be used in blog and website materials.
What level of farm share do you want to sign up for?        $500             $1000             $1500            $2000              $5000              $25,000           $100,000         CSA package (list)   $100 trial share _____________________________
Note: Gold and premium level may divide into three payments. First payment made on application. Please ask if questions!
On all packages *standard is what’s available. It may be a heritage breed, crossbreed or more common breed. Example – standard rabbit may be Giant Chinchilla, Silver Fox, Champagne D’Argent, Giant Chinchilla X Californian cross or New Zealand cross. The way they’re raised is the same.
Everyone who signs up for farm shares will get an email copy of “Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past.”

SlowMoneyFarm Basic policies here


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