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For Sale & Regular Offers

Are you looking for rabbits, poultry or gift items? Perhaps you’d like to support SlowMoneyFarm but live a further distance away – gift items are a big support towards our goals!We can offer proven bloodlines as well as make your gift purchasing experience easy.  These items are available on this page on an ongoing basis.

This is a quick view of what we have for sale, specials and other information.


Memorial trees – $200 plants a memorial tree in memory of someone special. Variety of trees available. For limited time – at no charge also includes a windchime, bird feeder, bird house or bat house to be hung in the tree.

Group of 3 original 8×10 photographs – Love cattle? Have an agriculture related office? Here’s a photo package for country lovers. You get THREE original photography 8×10 photos from  your choice of topics.Many of these have been used in our calendars (available at ) but these are original 8×10 photographs. Quality Walgreens finishing mailed direct to your address. 

Sunset group – beautiful sunsets including the one we use  for our page!.

Cattle group – Purebred and crossbred cattle. Includes shorthorn, Hereford, Charolais. All beef cattle at this point…hope to have dairy cattle soon.

Floral group – Beautiful photos for the flower lover.Grown and photographed right here on the place.

Country group – Rural and country scenes.

Original 5×7 Gypsy horse on pasture – Beautiful 5×7 original photo of Gypsy cob stallion on pasture. $10

Group of 4 5×7 photos $25

individual 8×10 photo -8×10 photograph – Choose from flower, cattle, butterfly, sunset or country image. $20

Group of 7 5×7 scenic photos with Biblical verses –  These are a combination effort, and as such the sales benefit not only SlowMoneyFarm but the education of a relative attending college in Illinois.


A Look At Agriculture – Introductory to agriculture. Wonder where your food comes from? How it’s produced? What is typical for the industry? Here’s a general overview of farming today – including dairy, pork, beef, horse, working dogs, general agriculture, sheep, goats (dairy & meat), poultry and more! While we encourage choice it’s important for consumers to know the reality of agriculture today. over 40 pages with photos. Just $6! If you have Amazon Kindle this is also available there.

Rural Ramblings of SlowMoneyFarm – A collection of stories and posts from the SlowMoneyFarm blog. Includes some posts not on the blog, and the cookbook. $12 delivered via email in pdf format. This is a pre-order.

GettingBy: Lessons From a Rural Past- Many are concerned about the economy. Many are fearful and look at our communities for answers. Here’s an ebook that embraces that – taking lessons from the Depression with technology from today, communities and families that help build a country.

This book takes a real life stories lessons and situations from the Depression to situations and news from today. Job losses are increasing, is growing and for many hope is fading as banks continue to close. are pushing more control over our food supply while verbally talking of independence and self reliance. This is a book that is not about fear and hiding in the hills but rather empowerment to get neighborhoods, communities, all the way up the ladder, on solid footing. That is something each person can do – not the government.
Getting By – Lessons From Rural Past – This information is needed increasingly as the economy, the media and our food supply seems at odds.
There are many who cry “homesteads” are taking a step back. Many see the way back *is* the way forward, by using what we have now in ways our ancestors 80 years ago could never have imagined. You do not have to have 5 acres, 10 acres. It’s about making the most of where you are right now, although with land there is more you can provide for yourself. Order now just $10 for ebook. Also available on Amazon Kindle
  • tips on saving money
  • maximizing a budget
  • producing what we can on our own.
  • a look at community past and present
  • introduction to alternative energy considerations, livestock, gardening and more
  • color photos in ebook, black & white in print version.


Sires include Dio and Emeril’s Bargain – our home bred Top Five national winners.

We have several litters of Giant Chinchillas coming up and some more being planned.

Hatching eggs – black Australorps, Rhode Island Red, Dominique and more!  Availability may vary as our eating eggs, and eggs we hatch come from these same birds and matings. Local pickup only – no shipping at this time. $10 per dozen is much cheaper than eBay!

Own a show rabbit. Many people and businesses purchase cattle, horses and sometimes other livestock for enjoyment and promotion. We’re offering the chance for people to own a show rabbit – without the work involved. You pay a flat fee to start which covers our cost for equipment use and the rabbit. There is a monthly board fee of $30 which covers feed & basic care, and there are entry and a portion of transportation fees for going to shows. This may be $60-75 for a national show, but typically under $10 for regional shows. You’ll learn about rabbits, about food and take an active part in learning. You might even earn a little money back if you later decide to breed the animals you own. Learn a new appreciation for these animals and for agriculture.

CSA Style food shares – see our Food Choices page on here!

Pet Estate Services – Many wonder what will happen to their dog or cat if something happens to them. This option provides answers. Not only will your pet have a home away from home when needed, but long term arrangements insure that he or she won’t end up at a shelter. If something should happen to you, we will pick up your pet anywhere in the United States and his vacation home becomes a permanent one. He’ll have food, shelter, comfortable bed and familiar toys and regular medical care. This is a custom situation – ask us if interested. Whether your pet is a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, from rescue to champion there will be care and hands on attention as part of a family. Watch for this service for horse also!

Trees! We are blessed with young trees that grow like weeds. With multiple oak trees around, we have them come up in front and in the raised beds sometimes. When available $8 each.

Earthworms! For fishing bait or garden improvement, they’re a valued ‘unseen’ worker in the raised beds and beyond. $1 per dozen.

Garden fertilizer! All natural, high NPK for soil nutrition. High portion of manure without a lot of bedding. There may be a bit of fur from the nest boxes, or a little hay here and there but it’s mostly high quality fertilizer with no chemicals. $5 per 5 gallon bucket, $15 per muck basket…bring your own container, we load it for you.


Laying pullets – these are advanced ordered and custom raised $6 each for month old pullets or $7 each for 2 month old pullets. A few laying hens take little room but add a fresh supply of eggs to the family pantry. These are sexed, feathered out pullets – no roosters crowing. Book now for 2014! We are NPIP listed.



Our first clinic in the works.

Learn hands on:
Making small hoop shelters for storage or animal housing.

Make a chicken coop, duck housing and portable structures

Hot beds and cold frames

Raised beds

Small 4×8′ sheds for goats, sheep or calves

Fence panels.

caring for young poultry, more!
Sponsorships allow for building/expansion *and* provide food for those who need it.

A Box – As a means of helping others with a hand up sponsoring a box of food gets produce, meats and other food into the home of someone in need. This might be a military family or single parent with unexpected expenses that cuts into their food budget. $50

A Garden – Sponsoring a garden is an option we created for several reasons. It’s a smaller area that is designed to give to others. It also is an option for memorials for loved ones lost that gives food to others as a means of continuing to make a difference. This option gives a small garden space for donation to others over an entire season rather than a box of food. Seed, raised bed area grown and food provided to those in need. Donation also provides eggs for those in need too. This is a way to help a season’s produce to help others. $350

Sponsor a Poultry Breed– Many people love animals but don’t have a way to keep them. With our sponsorship program it makes it possible to get our foundation birds started as quickly as possible. There will be several options within this. $45 Choose from:

Royal Palm, Bourbon Red, Black Spanish, Naragansett turkey turkeys

Ancona, Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga, Campbell ducks

Brahma, Plymouth rock, white wyandottes, brown/colored egg layer chicks

Brown leghorn,White Leghorn, white egg layer chicks

Pilgrim, Pomeranian, Cotton Patch, Shetland geese

The cost of heritage poultry does vary with species – it’s not uncommon for turkeys and goslings to be $10 each and, as large growing birds they eat quite a bit! Initially this will be starting foundation animals in a smaller setting, allowing to grow for productive members of our ‘team.’ All poultry sponsors will get an email copy of “Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past”. Heritage sponsors are a great way to remember someone who loves antiques as they are living antiques, tracing back 100 years or more.

Sponsor a Rabbit – Sponsoring a rare breed rabbit can be a way to learn more about these fascinating creatures. American Chinchilla and Giant Chinchilla are both on the list with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Your sponsorship helps feed and shelter a show or breeding animal (not a meat rabbit although some of his/her offspring may be sold as fryers). Among the projects this year are designing and constructing 4’x8′ raised hutches, allowing much more room for our large rabbits than standard cages. This is especially important for our “working does” with a litter.  $30


Are you interested in bartering for items or services? We will have some barter opportunities available – ask us if interested! We’re looking for trampoline (complete or frame), building materials, fencing, wire dog crates, good hay and more!

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  1. barb fath permalink
    January 11, 2012 8:39 AM

    Hi, We checked out your web site but have no idea where you are located.

    • January 11, 2012 2:03 PM

      Hi Barb – thanks for stopping by. We’re in northwest Alabama right now – have found land we’re working on buying in Kentucky and would be able to expand into some grazing stock and hogs there. That is the photo in our banner/title.

  2. April 29, 2014 12:18 AM

    Hi Jan,
    I am in Coastal Georgia, and I have been searching high and low for American Chinchilla and/or Giant Chinchilla breeding stock to start my home rabbitry. I am hoping to raise rabbits primarily for meat, but also would like to do my part to increase the numbers of these breeds while I am at it.
    i have benefited greatly already from reading your website and posts. i have gleaned not only good information, but also have enjoyed your viewpoints and perspectives.
    Might you have some advice or help for a soon to be rabbit raiser, looking for startup breeding stock? thanks for your time!

    • April 29, 2014 9:57 AM

      Hello Rhett – thanks! I also maintain a blog at LearnAboutRabbits. I will post here and there some posts about selecting breeding stock. I just arranged an influx of American Chinchillas – so we’ll have both the American and Giant. Will definitely stay in touch personally – quick note for now as I have some things to tend to outside from the storm before the next one hits. We kept our angels busy last night.

      • April 29, 2014 7:45 PM

        Wow! I just found the LearnAboutRabbits blog. My wife teases me that I have read every rabbit related item on the entire Internet. Somehow I missed this!
        I have done some reading and I have a question/concern. I am worried about climate-heat. I have a shed that is mostly shaded by trees.(pictures at ) Somewhere online said that I should think about what breed of rabbit would be best suited for my climate. I have no idea, but I really have my soul set on either the Am or Giant Chinchilla breed. I see where you mention being in northwest AL. Do you think if I took precautions, fans, ventilation, frozen water bottles and/or masonry, that it is practical to raise these breeds as far south as I am? I would hate for my rabbits to be miserable for long periods of time.

      • April 29, 2014 10:51 PM

        That looks like it will do well. Running misting systems, with air blowing through them (fans), chilled ceramic/stone tiles and monitoring has kept my rabbits comfortable. You could even ‘recycle’the water by hanging plants or planting some under the misting nozzles. I’m northwest of Birmingham, and we do check several times per day in hot weather. I found even 2 years ago in hot weather for weeks, the misting and fans kept the rabbit area under 88* and they seemed comfortable. Much more than the high 90s low 100s outside! I did a post about caring for animals in hot weather and showed the system on video.

  3. sandy Baker permalink
    July 23, 2016 8:09 PM

    Where are you located? I live in Oregon and am looking for a few more Speckled Sussex hen and maybe 1 rooster for my pet chicken Crackers. I rescued her from a racoon and now she is really attached. I am hoping a few friends would help her. Do you ship or do you know a place to find them here. I live in The Dalles OR. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • July 31, 2016 11:27 AM

      I’m in Alabama and don’t know anyone there. I usually get birds in larger groups sometimes from hatcheries and raise them.


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