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Supporting SlowMoneyFarm

Many people look at angel investing and venture capital as a means to diversify their investments. Others look to make a difference with their money, as the increase in “slow money” investments has shown. It’s a means of taking your money off of Wall Street and, in slow money fashion, investing in “Main Street” – although we’re taking that further. We’re taking it to country roads.

You get off the interstate, beyond the highway and the county roads. The roads get narrower, the speeds lowered, the pace seemingly slower. This can often be an illusion as farm and agriculture may lack the busy appearance and instant results of other industries and investments, but it does pay for those who continue to put forth the effort and time to persevere. We’ve been doing that from day one. We’ve found a property, imperfect for many uses, but perfect for ours.

On the way back from the ARBA convention a few years ago, Connor and I stopped and looked closely. Walking out on it we saw great potential for increased growth and within reach.

We saw room for birds to be outside more, for some lambs and hogs to raise for additional income. There’s room not only for a state of the art rabbit barn but room to raise our own hay following seeding to improve forage quality.There was an existing small barn on the property, needing very little improvements before being ready for our first group of pigs.


A panoramic view around the property – we envision paddocks, small stock with perhaps a horse or two.


This place was gone before we could raise funds, but we are moving forward.

We’ll of course have herb gardens and continue with gardens and raised beds. We already have a good, solid starter flock of birds. We already have a solid and growing herd of rabbits, some of which earned top ten placings in national competition as well as functional production of meat for those looking for high protein low fat meats. We also will continue to raise peppers, herbs and other goodies. We already have much of the equipment we need, starting where we’re at.

While we have adapted to the reality of confinement, we have projects we’re working on that need funding. These include raised bed gardens, water reclamation, solar power, a hoop greenhouse, a barn and a few other smaller projects. We have used what we have and are maximizing what we can do. Join us.

Agriculture investing may have additional tax incentives as well. We’re passionate about food choices and offering them.  Our situation has progressed, so please contact us for the latest news!


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