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Move Over Farmville!

Welcome a different kind of offering from SlowMoneyFarm! Over 63million people play Farmville, and we’ve long thought how much difference that interest could make if directed towards real farms. We’re offering a chance to do just that!

And as a bonus, for a limited time, a Move Over Farmville purchase has yet another benefit – funds from this will go towards sponsorship of food shares for those who need a hand up. There are millions of food insecure households, and this will help with not just food, but fresh food and food choices for those who need that hand up.

Our SlowMoneyFarm subscriptions offer a unique opportunity for all ages! You’ll get monthly email newsletters with pictures, information and updates on what’s happening with the animals at SlowMoneyFarm. You’ll get a 5×7 photo of a breed and species you choose to support. You’ll get a special gift during the year. And you’ll get all this and more for just $30. That goes much further than the Farmville game, and offers a real life opportunity to support and have a hand in the conservation of rare livestock.

This is a unique opportunity not only to learn where and how food is produced, but to learn about traditional and modern breeds of livestock, different types of farming and be involved in a real life farm.We’ll also have included fruit and nut trees, heirloom tomatoes and peppers and some other things from time to time.

From breeds listed with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, you’ll perhaps choose to support Buckeye or Delaware chickens. Perhaps critically rare Ancona or Welsh Harlequin ducks catch your eye. Or perhaps you would like to focus on American breeds such as the Cayuga duck, Silver Fox or Giant Chinchilla rabbits.

We have a variety of animals that will be included and it’s a chance to take part in real farm development. Come along for the experience and learn something beyond the game! See real, living and breathing antiques that have existed for generations. Take part in the preservation of jackstock that traces to George Washington, or Tunis sheep that were once kept by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, or Narragansett turkeys that date back to the 1600s. This makes history come alive!

Choose from the following:


Turkey – Naragansett, Midget White, Bourbon Red, Royal Palm

Geese – Pomeranian, Pilgrim, Cotton Patch, American buff

Ducks – Cayuga, Ancona, Welsh Harlequin, Campbell

Chickens – Buckeye, Delaware, Rhode Island Red, Rhode Island White, Cornish, Ancona, Dominique, Brahma, New Hampshire, Seabright, Sussex, Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Cochin

Rabbits – Silver Fox, Giant Chinchilla, Champagne D’Argent, Belgian Hare, Beveren

Sheep – Tunis, Karakul, North Country Cheviot, Texel

Pigs -Tamworth, Hereford, Berkshire, large Black

Horses -American Cream, Suffolk, Appaloosa, Hackney, Thoroughbred, American Saddlebred

Cattle – Milking Devon, Milking Shorthorn, Longhorn, Ayrshire, Guernsey, Brown Swiss

Goats – Nigerian Dwarf, Toggenburg, Saanen

Heirloom – peppers, tomatoes, corn, nut trees, fruit trees

Tradition runs deep and gets new life with technology.Contact us now and in just a few easy steps you can take part in this exciting program. Join us now – what a great gift!

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  1. March 20, 2012 1:55 PM

    This is a fantastic idea! Real rewards for every cent of their investment. People spend SO MIUCH MONEY on entertainment these days….why not put their pennies where they have some real value? Maybe I missed this on Facebook, you need to re-post it there….

  2. March 20, 2012 1:58 PM

    BTW I know that other parts of the agricultural industry have had success in the past with having small partial owner options within a business, like when I read a website for an alpaca farm who offered sales of breeding stock with the option to have them housed there at the farm; having access and a claim to livestock for ownership benefits without all the investment required in maintaining it…win-win situation for everyone!

    • March 20, 2012 4:07 PM

      Thanks! We’re working out some details in stock ownership of a different kind – there’s so many potential ‘issues’ and they eat! Some other ideas coming this summer!


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