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Food Choices, GMOs & Falling Skies

October 19, 2012

The sky is falling. The poisons are widespread and people are dying. When people don’t respond to that the claims get more ridiculous. Now it’s a human rights violation for a company to use GMO grains – yes folks, if you choose to purchase Kellogg’s cereal it’s akin to slavery, torture and other human rights violations.

Reality check bouncing yet? How about the nausea that comes from watching a toddler – too little to pronounce thirty! – say “vote yes on Prop firtyseven…can I have a cookie?” Seriously? We’re bribing babies with cookies to promote something that we as adults aren’t smart enough to choose against?! After all if everyone knows or 80% or whatever the latest figure quoted is GMO, then you pretty much know there’s a chance of GMO corn in that box of corn flakes, whether labeled or not. And equally, because there’s no GMO oats, there’s not GMO in oatmeal, or in bacon and sausage and eggs (Prop37 excludes meats!).

I’m all for food choices – anyone who’s read any of the posts here over the last couple of years can easily see that. We sell food choices, custom grown. And, we’ve been told that doesn’t matter. Because we don’t support the tactics used, including baiting babies with cookies to parrot information they’re far too young to understand, we therefore have been paid off by Monsanto. Rest assured, we’ve not taken a penny from Monsanto, and I don’t anticipate they’ll ever darken our barn door because we don’t plant GMO seed.

The fact is the majority don’t know and don’t care…the sky is falling statements won’t make them care folks! If anything, it makes them tune out to anything else said. The same folks who support using children for adult issues claim anyone who doesn’t agree 100% works for the enemy – Monsanto, who is not in the food business.

The whole thing is tiring. Be careful what you wish for, as Prop37 will likely pass, but will not have the results many are saying. No meats are in the regulations, no matter what the animal ate or for how long. So an animal which from day one ate GMO feed can (and will) be labeled “Non GMO” – now how long before someone feels lied to because it wasn’t what was said because that wasn’t meant to begin with?

Common sense food. Less cereal, more options for those who don’t want GMO and things will change. If you’re not willing to be part of the solution, don’t complain about those who balk at a less than viable solution.

There are many things available to provide non GMO options. We offer many! But when people choose of their own free will to eat convenient boxed cereal, it’s their choices and responsibilities. The major news outlets and others are backing off Prop37 because of the discrepancies and outright untruths. It’s not about transparency, it’s about exceptions. It’s not about food safety it’s about litigation.

And in the end, when there’s, as one activist claimed, one million people out of 308million demanding but not exercising their right to food choices, then blaming a cereal company for human rights violations guts any legitimate point to the argument. Toddlers should be playing with toys, not making political videos for bribes of a cookie (was it non GMO?).

Food choices. We all have them. We offer them. We can’t make people make them. Not even with a label.

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