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Food Choices At SlowMoneyFarm

Do you long for traditional meals? Would you like to build memories with your family learning exactly where and how your food is produced?

The average farmer is said to feed 155 people – and with millions eating daily we’re looking for those in our target area that are ready to do something about their food supply sourcing. We do this while using some livestock breeds that are living treasured heirlooms.

For several reasons right now livestock is missing here. That, hopefully, will change again in the coming years but produce for the farmer’s market is a busy enough enterprise. A variety of things are available as well as salves and other goodies available at the farmer’s market.  Many of our seeds have been certified organic, but some are not.

Tradition meets technology – welcome to SlowMoneyFarm in Nauvoo, Alabama.

Whatever your choices, I  appreciate your support at SlowMoneyFarm!

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