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Food Choices At SlowMoneyFarm

Do you long for traditional meals? Would you like to build memories with your family learning exactly where and how your food is produced?

The average farmer is said to feed 155 people – and with millions eating daily we’re looking for those in our target area that are ready to do something about their food supply sourcing. We do this while using some livestock breeds that are living treasured heirlooms.

We’ll raise our livestock with room to move around.  We encourage diversity by using rare and heritage breeds as much as possible, creating a functional job for them that insures their place in the future. We have several from the Slow Food Ark of the Taste list. We’ll also use more common breeds for some functions, and have plans for some unusual introductions. The Dominique, one of our chickens, has been feeding Americans for over 100 years. Sourcing of other animals shared is by our same standards.

We do not raise any GMO varieties. While we can’t afford the certification for nonGMO labels or organic, we don’t select GMO varieties to grow. For most of what we do that isn’t an option.  Many of our seeds have been certified organic, but some are not. We are also working towards improved rations for our animals. Pasture access means room!

Tradition meets technology – welcome to SlowMoneyFarm in Nauvoo, Alabama. Among the food trends in recent years has been goat and rabbit – sign up here to get yours from traditional breeds, some that have been around since the Depression era. For those interested in period eating, this means you can eat ‘antiques.’ We have discontinued the farm shares at this point due to lack of interest, but may institute them again in the future if that changes. All of our meats are free of added hormones, and medications only used a limited amount as needed. We even have a subscriber option that allows a chance for preferred status without buying a farm share.

Memorial trees – $150 plants a memorial tree in memory of someone special. Variety of trees available. For limited time – at no charge also includes a windchime, bird feeder, bird house or bat house to be hung by the tree.


Whatever your choices, we appreciate your support at SlowMoneyFarm!

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